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Author, Author — Christa Joy Spaeth

25 Sep

About The Book

Book: Powerful Whispers: A 7-week Journey Discovering Who You Are To God

Author: Christa Joy Spaeth

Genre: Christian non-fiction, devotional

Release Date: February 22, 2023

Powerful Whispers gives you a glimpse of how awe-inspiring God’s whispers of His love are for you. He desires to capture your heart, to communicate personally with you, to encourage and strengthen you.

Each daily devotional offers God’s life-giving words, suggests powerful worship, and provides an activation step applying that day’s principe to your life. Let the Lord fill your cup to overflowing as you embark on this amazing 7-week journey.

Whether you’be been walking with the Lord for years or have been recently saved, you will discover in fresh new ways that: God Knows You – God Loves You – God Fights for You – God provides for You – God Chose You – God’s Peace is for You – God’s Powerful Whispers Can Change your Life

Click here to get your copy!

About The Author

Christa Joy Spaeth is the founder of Christa Joy Ministries. It was in 2022 when Minnesota-based author Christa received a compelling message from God. In a prayer cabin called “Whisper,” He prompted her to write a seven-week devotional.

Since then, Christa’s eyes, heart, and ears were opened to more whispers, so that she may start fulfilling her new purpose of helping the hurting and share the love of Christ.

This blessed wife, mother of two, and businesswoman is passionate about living up to God’s plans for her every day. So much so that in 2022, she stepped down from her decades-long career as a Registered Dietitian at a large food manufacturing company to pursue the promptings of the Lord and encourage others in Christ.

Today, Christa owns and operates Christa Joy Ministries where she publishes her own books, writes daily encouragements and God whispers on her social media accounts. In addition, she does guest blog posts for various social media accounts.

More from Christa

One morning while I was away at a prayer cabin, the Lord laid on my heart that I was to write a book. My first thought was, “Oh, my! Lord, I have never written anything other than work-related documents. Where do I begin? What do you want me to write?”

I am so honored and humbled that the Lord placed amazing book experts in my path over the next year to launch this unique devotional book in a mere 55 weeks. This feat is spectacular as I didn’t know anything about the publishing business.

Two components of Powerful Whispers that my readers love are the suggested worship and the activations. After each devotional was written I searched for the perfect worship song. You will find several suggested indie artist songs and a few popular worship songs too. Daily you will find an activation which engages your entire body to be able to get the daily truth deeper in your soul.

The Bible verse I read before I starting to write Powerful Whispers is found in James 1:5, “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.” God continually showed His faithfulness to me by providing wisdom to share with my readers.

My heart’s desire is that readers will soon learn through this daily devotional that God chose them, He loves them, and He wants to share His powerful whispers daily for their life.

Q & A With Christa Joy Spaeth

Many authors say that they have always been a writer. When did you come to realize this?

In my day job of over two decades as a dietitian for a food manufacturing company I wrote many articles for our customers. However, I never felt like I was a writer. It was just part of my job and writing came easy to me.

I am one of the unusual authors, I didn’t realize I wanted to be a professional writer until last year when I felt led to write Powerful Whispers. When I leaned in and listened to what the Lord had for me, I felt strongly that I was to write a book as an encouragement to others. 

Three days after I decided to write a book, I was blessed to learn that I was able to take a free class titled “How to write a book!” I jumped into the class and simultaneously started writing my book. I’ve never looked back.

Were there any obstacles you faced in your journey to publication?

As a new author, I had no idea about the value of a good editor, nor did I understand the different types of editors. The first editor I hired was a copy editor, who is really meant to be the final editor. Her focus was on punctuation, spelling, and basic grammar. Thankfully, an experienced friend in book publishing suggested I hire a content editor. I was led to work with the perfect person for me and my book. This editor took a step back and provided great direction to help my book be consistent in tone and content. She challenged me to add several thousand more words. I am thankful for her insights because they made my book more complete. 

I’ve heard it said no matter how good you think you are as a writer; you need an editor. This process sure validated that statement to me. The lesson I learned for my future books is to build in lots of time for the editing process. If you plan to write books in the future, one tip I have for you is, however long you think editing will take, double that. It’s a slow process but it was well worth the time and money!

What does a typical writing day look like? Are you structured or informal in your writing schedule?

When I wrote Powerful Whispers I had a fairly structured writing schedule. I would write or do research most days in the afternoon. However, at that time I wasn’t on social media, so I didn’t have that distraction nor the pressure of developing content.

Writing my second book, I am much less structured. Between social media, writing newsletters, and hosting a podcast, which is also titled Powerful Whispers, I haven’t found a rhythm yet to get structured. I hope I will in the near future! 

What do you want your readers to take away with them after finishing Powerful Whispers: A 7-week journey Discovering Who You Are to God

I want my readers to have a deeper understanding of how much God loves them, knows them and that He chose them to be here on this earth right now.

One of my readers wrote this review which sums up what I was hoping the readers to walk away with “I grew up in a tradition focused more on theology than on relationship, and this has been a good study in listening for that still, small voice that relates to me on a personal level! I love the music recommendations for each devotional. Highly recommend this 7-week study!” 

Readers always want to know what is next for an author. Do you have any works in progress you can share about?

I am excited to share that I have a new book set to be released in November. My new book is a 50-day guided prayer journal for busy moms. I am in the final stages of editing so I am not yet ready to release the name of the book. Stay tuned and please follow me on social media to stay updated on the latest details.😊 

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To celebrate her tour, Christa is giving away the grand prize package of a $30 Amazon gift card, a signed copy of Powerful Whispers devotional book, and a hand-crafted leather bookmark!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.


Spotlight on Devotional Reading — Walking With You Through Every Season

7 Sep

Perspective through the eyes of a coach’s wife — that’s what you get with Walking with You Through Every Season. Talisha Alligood leads the reader through Proverbs 31 with sometimes humorous and always touching devotions. Although targeted towards the coach’s wife, it will resonate with all women.

This devotional is written from the perspective of a coach’s wife as it relates to the Proverbs 31 woman. It includes many funny and heartwarming stories from seasoned coaches’ wives about how God has ministered to them on and off the field. Included in the pages you will find wisdom from God’s Word on how to continue striving to be more like Christ using the example of the Proverbs 31 woman. Although it is written with coaches’ wives in mind there are aspects that will minister to all women in every phase of life and career paths. Each entry in Walking with You Through Every Season includes a Scripture verse, a story from a coach’s wife, a prayer, and a reflection question with lines for journaling. This devotional is intended to remind you that you are not alone in this coaching wife life. There are others who have walked this path before you and have graciously shared their godly wisdom in these pages.

Talisha Alligood has been a coach’s wife for 20 years. She says it’s been a wild and unpredictable ride! You can find out more about Talisha and read her devotionals at her blog, Proverbs 31 Coach’s Wife.

Spotlight On Amy Bowdoin

23 Aug

Amy Bowdoin, known to her many followers as Honeysuckle Drive, is a dynamic inspirational speaker, and she will bring the morning keynote address at the book festival that will be in my hometown in January 2024. (For more info on that check out PerryPageTurners.com or Perry Page Turners on FB.) I cannot wait to meet Amy! I have loved following her on FB — she is so funny and insightful.

Amy also has a devotional book — Honeysuckle Drive. You really need to check this one out!

Honeysuckle Drive is a place where stories aren’t just told, they’re lived…by a small town girl who doubts, who gets discouraged, who makes mistakes, but who also desires a growing relationship with Jesus. I’m no saint, not even close. Just ask my momma. I’m also no religious scholar. I don’t even know all the books of the Bible. What I do have is a heart for Jesus, and I’m a big believer that’s all you need to change the world.

Amy Bowdoin was born and raised in Carrollton, Georgia. She lived a very normal life – until she didn’t. Good intentions and bad decisions escorted her down a different path. It required a leave from teaching middle school and an extended stay in a mental hospital battling depression. But, she’s living proof God uses all things for good. She exited that facility with a renewed purpose.

She created a popular Facebook page titled Honeysuckle Drive in 2015. It’s a place where stories aren’t just told – THEY’RE LIVED – by a small town girl who doubts, who gets discouraged, who makes mistakes, but who also desires a growing relationship with Jesus. Her followers started pecking her to death like chickens to compile her true stories into a book. She procrastinated until God placed it on her heart. Her first published book, Honeysuckle Drive, hit the shelves on November 15, 2022. It’s a 12 week devotional for any season. Amy shares the real, and the messy, and all that’s in between in hopes of helping her readers cultivate an authentic relationship with Jesus. Her book is filled with stories, scripture, prayer journals, and challenging questions that require true soul searching along the 12 week journey.

Amy even has a podcast that compliments each week in her book. The response has been overwhelming, resulting in the creation of a group leader’s guidebook. This guidebook is now being used in the women’s ministry at several churches throughout the southeast. Amy’s unwavering obedience has also led to multiple speaking engagements and will bring her to Perry, Georgia, on January 27th.

Amy had this to say about herself: “I love Jesus, country music, and old-school rap. I’ve gotta thing for genuine people, Fireball Whisky, and infectious laughter. I’m careful with my words, but I do cuss a little. I’m no religious scholar. I don’t even know all the books of the Bible. I don’t have multiple degrees or a fancy title, and I’ve never earned a distinguished award. But, what I do have is a heart for Jesus, and I’m a big believer that’s all you need to change the world.”

Spotlight ( + Giveaway) — A Love Most Precious

4 May

A Love Most Precious JustRead Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour for A Love Most Precious by Anita Higman, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!

About The Book

A Love Most Precious

Title: A Love Most Precious: 90 Devotions on the Book of Ruth
Author: Anita Higman
Publisher: DaySpring
Release Date: October 9, 2022
Genre: Devotional Book

What does true love look like?

The book of Ruth has all the makings of a great love story: a grief stricken past, a homecoming, the challenge to survive, a poor Cinderella who chooses to serve, and an upstanding man of status who notices her. He fights to save her future. This Old Testament Bible story is about a love story far more immense than that of Ruth and Boaz.

During this 90-day devotional by Anita Higman, you will be inspired by the heartwarming, true story of Ruth containing priceless gems: the power of an eternal love to redeem a bereaved mother, a foreign widow, a reformed prostitute’s son, all God’s people, and yes, even you. God has the power redeem our broken spirits, broken hearts, and broken pasts. Come discover a precious, life-changing love hidden within four illuminating chapters of Scripture that will delight your heart and refresh your soul! It’s also the perfect gift for a friend on any occasion.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | ChristianBook | DaySpring | Bookshop/IndieBound



In the days when the judges ruled there was a famine in the land, and a man of Bethlehem in Judah went to sojourn in the country of Moab, he and his wife and his two sons.


When we begin a brand-new chapter in our lives, we have no idea how it will read later. It might go very well for us, with a new career, or a new church, or a move far across the country. We all want to avoid any Shakespearean tragedies, and instead, we run merrily toward the happily-ever-afters. Right? 

Naomi—Ruth’s future mother-in-law—was clueless as to how her life would turn out after she and her family moved to Moab. Even though they were fleeing a famine in their homeland, they surely had reservations. They knew Moab was not only a foreign land with a pagan people, but it was a forbidden place for Israelites like Naomi and her family. It appears that fear influenced them. Fear is such a universal and familiar emotion, and without God in the mix, it has the potential to drive us into ominous circumstances. 

And so, yes—Naomi’s story is about to become a real page turner! For all of us, the Lord has the power to straighten our paths, calm our fears, and give us courage for the trials of the day—if we ask Him. May we include God in all our decisions, so that in the end, our life story will be worth the read! 

Lord Jesus, guide me every day in all that I do throughout my life! Amen.

Also Available

About The Author

Anita Higman

Anita Higman, an award-winning and best-selling author from Texas, has authored or coauthored fifty-plus books, and she has a BA in the combined fields of speech communication, psychology, and art. A few of Anita’s favorite things are fairytale castles, traveling, antiquing, exotic teas, gardening, and laughing with her family and friends.

Connect with Anita by visiting anitahigman.com to follow her on social media.

Tour Giveaway

(3) winners will each receive a DaySpring prize bundle which includes a market tote, Bible cover, canvas pouch, and the Spring issue of Everyday Faith magazine!

A Love Most Precious JustRead Tours giveaway

Full tour schedule linked below. The giveaway begins at midnight May 1, 2023 and will last through 11:59 PM EST on May 8, 2023. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US only. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.

Giveaway is subject to JustRead Publicity Tours Giveaway Policies.

Enter Giveaway

Follow along at JustRead Tours for a full list of stops!

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Book Review — Mother of The Bride

14 Apr

I follow Cheryl Barker on IG. I love her beautiful pics of all things weddings. When I found out she had a book geared towards MOBs (mothers of the bride), I knew I had to get it when my daughter got engaged. If you are a MOB, or know someone who is, then I recommend you get Mother of The Bride: Refreshment And Wisdom for The Mother of The Bride! Her short essays provide insight into all aspects of a wedding — from engagement to the day of. I liked the tips she shares as well. There are great worksheets and guidance for making the day as special as your little girl. Insightful and handy! It is also faith-based so that in all the craziness of wedding planning you don’t lose sight of the significance of weddings and marriage and the One who created them. All in all, a great resource to keep you sane and centered. 😉

(I purchased this book from Amazon. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Here is all the info:

Mothers in today’s world wear many hats and struggle to keep the stress in their lives at manageable levels. Add the delightful but demanding new hat of mother of the bride (MOB) to the roles they are already juggling, and you have a host of middle-aged moms pushed to their limits, in desperate need of an empathetic voice and moments of nourishing relaxation. While trying to maintain life as they knew it before their daughters’ big announcements, MOBs are called upon to magically morph into wedding planners, help their daughters navigate the journey to the altar, and establish new and loving relationships with their prospective sons- in-law and their families. With all focus, financial and otherwise, dedicated to the brides and the weddings themselves, the needs of mothers of the bride are overlooked. Mother of The Bride will help MOBs step away from the hurried pace of daily life complicated by a demanding new role. It will offer them the refreshment found in discovering community as they take time for themselves time to be encouraged, to gain helpful insight and practical tips, and to enjoy the feminine beauty of a book designed just for them. Through essays featuring relevant quotes or Scriptures, personal stories, nuggets of wisdom, simple suggestions for personal pampering, journaling opportunities, communication aids, and practical tips for wedding planning, Mother of The Bride will nurture the all-important but too often neglected mother of the bride.

Cheryl Barker is a writer from Kansas who loves the Lord and longs for her words to be a blessing to others. Her heart’s desire is to refresh spirits and nourish souls.

Cheryl grew up in a house full of girls. Along with her mom and three sisters, they had her dad outnumbered five to one. Right in the middle of her college years, she married a fun-loving but dedicated biology student named Don. After graduating with a BSED and a major in English from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas, Cheryl taught English for a short time before becoming a stay-at-home mom to daughters Kristin and Kelli. During her daughters’ teenage years, she began freelance writing on a part-time basis. Kristin and Kelli grew up to be amazing women who brought equally amazing men into their family as sons-in-law. In January 2015, Cheryl and Don became the happy and proud grandparents of Isaiah and James, the twin sons of Kristin and Shawn, and in August 2016, Kelli and Jake made them grandparents again with the birth of Samuel and Silas–that’s right, another set of twin grandsons! Cheryl is now one busy grandma and loves every minute of it.

In addition to her book Mother of The Bride, Cheryl’s work has appeared in magazines, compilation books, and other publications as well as in Blue Mountain Arts greeting cards and also their gift book anthologies and calendars. She started her inspirational/devotional blog in 2007 and also launched a blog for mothers of the bride in 2013. She edits and publishes Life Notes, her quarterly inspirational newsletter that features her work along with that of other writers.

When she’s not writing or tending to life’s chores, Cheryl loves to spend time with family and friends, take photos, sing in her church choir, teach preschool Sunday school, read, go to movies with Don, and stay involved in her church and her writers group. Last, but certainly not least, she loves to indulge in daily doses of chocolate. Cheryl would love to connect with you. Find her social media buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Pinterest, and LinkedIn on her website at http://cherylbarker.net/.

Book Spotlight — Glory: Rescued, Redeemed, Transformed (A Collection of Advent Readings)

25 Nov

Are you looking for an Advent devotional to make this Christmas season a little more special? If so, then I have a book for you! My friend Chrissie Tomlinson has a collection of Advent readings that I know you will love. Find out all about Glory: Rescued, Redeemed and Transformed below.

“And the glory of the Lord shone around them…”

The night Christ was born, the angels didn’t announce the arrival of an Avenger-King. They didn’t come with swords and shields to clear the earth of evil and sorrow. Instead, they came with the announcement of the arrival of a Baby, the Messiah. God has come to rescue us. He has come to redeem us. He has come to transform us. We were designed for glory. And because of Jesus, we can be destined for glory eternally. This Advent season, rejoice in the glory of the Lord, and anticipate the great glory that is yet to come.

“Shout and cheer, Daughter Zion! . . . Your King is coming. A good King who makes all things right . . . ” – Zechariah 9:9


Dr. Chrissie Tomlinson is the author of the inspirational blog This Road Home. She resides in Perry, Georgia.

For contact information visit: http://www.ThisRoadHome.com.


Book Spotlight/Author Interview — There Is Hope

25 Jan

About The Book

Book: There Is Hope

Author: Carla Huelsmann

Genre: Journal, devotional, memoir

Release Date: August, 2018

52 life lessons for those struggling with major illness will inspire hope and encourage those suffering to take back control of their lives.

Carla Huelsmann dealt with the daily impact of seizures since age two. Her life-long battle with epilepsy impacted all parts of her life, family, career, self-confidence, and independence until corrective brain surgery ended the seizures. Free from the debilitating seizures and their accompanying residues of doubt and fear, Carla Huelsmann lives independently and shares her story to help others along their own journeys.

Part journal, part devotional, and part memoir, this is a book of hope, faith, and inspiration. The book addresses the fears, challenges, and questions about the future those going through a major illness, debilitating injury, or life crisis may have. Designed as a traveling companion for those facing challenging circumstances, each one-page entry is accompanied by blank space for the reader to journal his or her own thoughts and prayers.

My goal is to give hope, help, healing, and resources. I want to walk alongside others and assure them they are not alone; there is hope. — Carla Huelsmann

Click here to get your copy!

About The Author

Carla Huelsmann earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Eastern Illinois University, subsequently taught grades five through eight, and now works for the US Department of Veterans Affairs in St. Louis, MO. The alumnus of a fiction-writing course at Southern Illinois University, and the CLASS Seminar with Marita and Florence Littauer, she is also the author of articles on her experiences, and is available to speak.

More from Carla

I want to inspire and equip others struggling with epilepsy or other major illnesses to take back control of their lives. Eighteen years after corrective surgery, I live a seizure-free life that I feel in control of. And, I want to share my story and lessons learned with others facing serious challenges. My goal is to give hope, help and healing and resources of helpful information in one book. I want to walk alongside them and assure them that they are not alone and there is hope!

I’ve dealt with seizures, epilepsy and their daily impact since the age of two. It has impacted my family, career, self-confidence, independence and much more. Through it all, family, friends and faith have provided bedrock sources of strength. In addition, timely interventions by doctors, new contacts, new techniques and self-discipline came at opportune times through perseverance.

Now free from the tunnel of doubt, fear and debilitating seizures, I’ve gathered up my collection of personal journals and thoughts in order to help others along their journey. “There Is Hope: Bloom Where You are Planted” is a devotional for someone going through major illness, major injury, or life crisis.

Author Q&A

When did you first realize you were a writer?

I realized I was a writer when I had brain surgery for seizures at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN on November 7, 2000.    After I had the surgery and during the recovery process of six years, I saw the desire to write and journal and learned so much from reading scriptures and seeing the power of the word of the Lord Jesus Christ take over in my healing process.  Waking up in the middle of night to write when I used to sleep, and hearing from so many people that I should write a book or movie about all my setbacks in life confirmed that.   

Who encouraged you in your writing?

Dr. Gregory Cascino at the Mayo Clinic was my encouragement to write at my one year check in November 2001. The confirmation came when I was married and my husband told the Doctor at the Mayo Clinic that I wanted to write a book, and he told him you should let her because she is not supposed to be able to do that typically after the type of surgery she had . . . .

What obstacles did you face in your journey to publication?

I faced many obstacles in my writing – searching for where to go to learn about publishing, how to market the book, and how to find a publisher..  I realized it is up to the writer to do that. Market, market, market! Proving yourself as new writer is not easy.

Are you structured or informal in your writing schedule?

I was a structured writer during my times as a school teacher. I wrote in the morning and after work from 7 pm – 10:30 pm every day for 9 months. I had a routine that If I didn’t have to work full time I could have a book written in 3 months. I want that back — I am single parent now and work full time. It is hard to get on the computer after work when I am on it all day.

What types of research did you pursue as you were writing this book?

I researched brain disorders and organizations specializing in those areas. I contacted doctors and patients and searched websites/organizaitons like the VA.

What inspired you to write this book?

I was inspired to write my book when I had the surgery and the following counseling I received to learn how to rethink. After living my whole life with seizures, the medical setbacks I have had, and the struggle to learn, I wanted the stigma to be removed and be the person to put myself out in public to speak and write and help others overcome.

What would you like your readers to take away after finishing There Is Hope?

I want readers to take away from my book that there is a lifeline of hope, help, and healing, and that you are not alone. The Lord is my strength. I hope medical clinics, hospitals, and families will use it to save marriages and relationships, and that the VA will use it to help in small groups.

Readers always want to know what is up next for an author. Can you share about any works in progress?

I am in process of writing a novel. Title TBD.

Please tell us about yourself.

I have one daughter, and three brothers. I am Mary Kay consultant and work full time for the Department of Veterans Affairs. I like to walk, hike, exercise, and bike. I love camping, fishing, boating, and beach time. I enjoy traveling and meeting people. I also like baseball and sports. My family has a masonry company, and I love to design housing — I like to build things.


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To celebrate her tour Carla is giving away the grand prize of an autographed copy of the book!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click HERE to enter.


Book Review + Giveaway!: Called To Inspire

6 Nov

Do you sense God prompting you to do something special with your life? Do you feel totally unprepared to answer his call?

Get ready for your heart to be emboldened and your faith strengthened! In CALLED to Inspire, Marsha DuCille, founder and publisher of CALLED magazine, leads you through a 52-question devotional experience to help you discover a rich, victorious life guided by God. With each weekly devotion, you’ll find compelling answers to life’s most significant questions. Each reading is accompanied by a powerful prayer, a meaningful verse to hide in your heart, a declaration to defend and fortify your faith, and journaling space to record your thoughts.

Let CALLED to Inspire encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and give you the strength and confidence to hear God’s calling in your life. Cling to this companion week after week ― and dare to render your answer.

Marsha DuCille is the founder and editorial director of CALLED Magazine, the largest North America-based publication for Christian women. Her “hobby turned global venture” reaches millions of women through a variety of multi-media platforms. She is also the creative director of CALLED Design, a print and digital solutions enterprise, and the chairman of The CALLED Project, a philanthropic arm that supports outreach efforts around the world. Marsha earned a master’s degree in social work from Boston University and a master’s degree in educational foundations, research, and policy from the University of Michigan.


My Impressions:

Called to Inspire is a unique tool for going deeper into God’s Word. Author Marcia Ducille shares 52 weeks worth of questions to get you thinking about what is important to you and what is important to God. Each devotional entry begins with a short essay related to the question at hand, such as How Big Is Your Army? and Who Has The Power? Referencing scripture, Ducille challenges the reader to think a little differently about priorities, attitudes, and motivations. The next two pages offer short prayers and thoughts and a prompt for journaling. In my opinion, the best way to utilize this book is to read the short passage shared by the author on day one, and then use the scripture reference to read the Bible passage(s) throughout the week, journaling as God reveals more and more. In this way, Called to Inspire will lead you on a one year journey to a closer walk with God.


Audience: women

(Thanks to Tyndale Publishing for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)



Called to Inspire will be included in the Big Box of Books I am giving away for my 10 Year Blogiversary. Click HERE for the giveaway post.


Family Devotional Giveaway from New Growth Press!

3 Dec
For active families, reading the Bible together can feel overwhelming. However, family Bible study doesn’t have to be complicated! With just ten minutes a day, parents have enough time to pass on the most valuable treasure the world has ever known.

Start off the new year resolved to study the Bible together. New Growth Press has you covered and is giving away a family devotional package every family will want to win!

In this third and final Spirit of Giving giveaway of the Christmas season, New Growth Press is giving away THREE gift boxes of family devotionals (retail value of $148 each). From December 3-8, you can enter to win one of family devotional boxes. 

Click HERE to enter.

Each gift box includes one copy of the following family devotionals written by Marty Machowski:
Children love stories, and the parables provide a wonderful opportunity to engage their imagination and help them understand and live out the good news of the kingdom of God. After teaching a parable, Jesus often said, “Whoever has ears, let him hear.” In other words, “This is important, so you better listen up,” and what could be more important than the good news of the kingdom of God? This family devotional provides a unique opportunity for parents to help their children “listen up” and hear the gospel as Jesus himself shared it.
Wise Up is designed to connect the teaching of Proverbs to God’s larger story of salvation. Children will learn that Solomon’s wisdom, life, and failures all point to “something greater than Solomon”—they point to Jesus. The goal of this devotional is to present the wisdom of Proverbs against the backdrop of the gospel to show children that real wisdom comes only as we depend on Jesus for daily help and forgiveness.
Long Story Short guides families through the Old Testament stories and is designed to cultivate honest and powerful discussion about the Bible, which is the catalyst for change in children’s lives. Through 78 Old Testament stories, Long Story Short explains God’s plan of salvation through the Old Testament, focusing on the hero of Scripture and important biblical truths without being corny, confusing, or condescending.
Suited for children from preschool through high school, this gospel-focused book is full of ten-minute devotions to continue the gospel story that began in Long Story Short. The consistent and short structure helps children walk through the life-changing truths of the Christian faith in the New Testament—without overwhelming them. Through 78 New Testament stories, Old Story New does the hard work for moms and dads. Simple discussion questions (and answers!) for each day’s devotion help children understand and connect with Jesus’s life, death, resurrection, and the birth of the Christian church.
This beautifully illustrated storybook captivates young readers with the heart of the gospel. The Gospel Story Bible points to Jesus, helping families and kids identify Christ as the hero of every story. While it’s easy to forget Jesus in the midst of frantic schedules, family squabbles, and conflicting priorities, Machowski reminds families of God’s plan of salvation in Christ, which is continually on display throughout the Bible. Ideal as a storybook for your preschooler, a devotional for your grade school student, a refresher for the adult believer, or an introduction for the new one, The Gospel Story Bible is also a companion to Long Story Short and Old Story New.

In addition to these books for the entire family, the winners will also receive a new book of devotionals just for parents, and New Growth Press’ latest parenting book.

In this uplifting and faith-strengthening devotional book for parents, Marty Machowski encourages parents in the midst of trials. Full of Scripture, testimonies of faithful parents, and insightful meditations, Parenting First Aid equips moms and dads to run to God and trust his ability to do what they can’t. The easy-to-use format provides encouragement to turn to God in the midst of family difficulty. While God does not promise happiness and ease in parenting, all can find comfort in God and peace beyond understanding through the Scriptures and meditations found in Parenting First Aid.
Every family is unique, which is why Child Proof explores the need for parents to cultivate personal and intimate care for their children as modeled in God’s individual, personal, and fatherly care to his children. This child-rearing book lays a foundation of parenting by faith and progresses by teaching readers how they can know their own kids well and raise them accordingly. By discussing particular issues moms and dads might have in family life, Lowe demonstrates how formulas aren’t the answer, and parenting with biblical wisdom is best for a proactive rather than reactive approach to parenting.

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Book Spotlight: Advent to Advent: Readings for 2018

21 Nov


My friend Chrissie Tomlinson has created a great resource for you and your family this Christmas season. With devotional readings sharing thoughts from the past, Advent to Advent: Readings for 2018 focuses our attention on a changeless and timeless Christ. The guide has daily messages for personal reflection, plus tips and readings to celebrate with family on each Sunday during the season. In her introduction Chrissie says — Our days seem to move faster and faster, and sometimes we can feel that we might easily lose our footing. Taking the time during this season of the year to truly focus our hearts on our Savior, remembering with gladness that He will return for us very soon, can reinforce our hope and can fill our hearts and minds with His peace, His joy, and His love. (p. 5)

If you are looking for a way to really find the reason for the season, then definitely check out Advent to Advent.


Advent to Advent, includes readings for December 2-24, 2018, and applies the spiritual truths of Christmas by looking through the lens of history. It’s unique approach to the Season reinforces the truth that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Includes a special section for family Advent observances.


To purchase, click HERE


Dr. Chrissie Tomlinson is the author of the inspirational blog This Road Home. She resides in Perry, Georgia. For contact information visit: http://www.ThisRoadHome.com.