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Book Spotlight — Glory: Rescued, Redeemed, Transformed (A Collection of Advent Readings)

25 Nov

Are you looking for an Advent devotional to make this Christmas season a little more special? If so, then I have a book for you! My friend Chrissie Tomlinson has a collection of Advent readings that I know you will love. Find out all about Glory: Rescued, Redeemed and Transformed below.

“And the glory of the Lord shone around them…”

The night Christ was born, the angels didn’t announce the arrival of an Avenger-King. They didn’t come with swords and shields to clear the earth of evil and sorrow. Instead, they came with the announcement of the arrival of a Baby, the Messiah. God has come to rescue us. He has come to redeem us. He has come to transform us. We were designed for glory. And because of Jesus, we can be destined for glory eternally. This Advent season, rejoice in the glory of the Lord, and anticipate the great glory that is yet to come.

“Shout and cheer, Daughter Zion! . . . Your King is coming. A good King who makes all things right . . . ” – Zechariah 9:9


Dr. Chrissie Tomlinson is the author of the inspirational blog This Road Home. She resides in Perry, Georgia.

For contact information visit: http://www.ThisRoadHome.com.


Book Spotlight: Advent to Advent: Readings for 2018

21 Nov


My friend Chrissie Tomlinson has created a great resource for you and your family this Christmas season. With devotional readings sharing thoughts from the past, Advent to Advent: Readings for 2018 focuses our attention on a changeless and timeless Christ. The guide has daily messages for personal reflection, plus tips and readings to celebrate with family on each Sunday during the season. In her introduction Chrissie says — Our days seem to move faster and faster, and sometimes we can feel that we might easily lose our footing. Taking the time during this season of the year to truly focus our hearts on our Savior, remembering with gladness that He will return for us very soon, can reinforce our hope and can fill our hearts and minds with His peace, His joy, and His love. (p. 5)

If you are looking for a way to really find the reason for the season, then definitely check out Advent to Advent.


Advent to Advent, includes readings for December 2-24, 2018, and applies the spiritual truths of Christmas by looking through the lens of history. It’s unique approach to the Season reinforces the truth that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Includes a special section for family Advent observances.


To purchase, click HERE


Dr. Chrissie Tomlinson is the author of the inspirational blog This Road Home. She resides in Perry, Georgia. For contact information visit: http://www.ThisRoadHome.com.


Book Spotlight: Soul Anchors

15 Oct

My friend, Chrissie Tomlinson, has written a terrific book. Please check out Soul Anchors! Chrissie is a committed Christian woman who loves Jesus. I am excited for her as she travels on this journey with her book.


518xiqb-tyl-_sx355_bo1204203200_With in-depth instruction and personal application guides this Bible study will guide you through an examination of four soul anchors that we have through our relationship with Jesus Christ. These anchors — love, truth, peace, and freedom — are unchangeable despite the circumstances, despite our feelings, and in spite of all the obstacles that are thrown into our paths.





chrissie-tomlinson-edited-243x300-copyChrissie Tomlinson in her own words — My education includes degrees in Christian Education, Biblical Counseling, and Organizational Leadership. But most of my real schooling has come from being on the front lines of ministry. I have served in the ministry as Christian school educator, administrator, counselor, and most recently served as Director of Education and Preschool at a Southern Baptist church in Middle Georgia. Currently, I am employed by the USAF, and work as a contract specialist.

In my spare time, I am actively serving at my church, First Baptist Perry, Georgia, and stay busy with friends and family. I enjoy reading, knitting, and cooking, and, of course, writing.