Book Review — Mother of The Bride

14 Apr

I follow Cheryl Barker on IG. I love her beautiful pics of all things weddings. When I found out she had a book geared towards MOBs (mothers of the bride), I knew I had to get it when my daughter got engaged. If you are a MOB, or know someone who is, then I recommend you get Mother of The Bride: Refreshment And Wisdom for The Mother of The Bride! Her short essays provide insight into all aspects of a wedding — from engagement to the day of. I liked the tips she shares as well. There are great worksheets and guidance for making the day as special as your little girl. Insightful and handy! It is also faith-based so that in all the craziness of wedding planning you don’t lose sight of the significance of weddings and marriage and the One who created them. All in all, a great resource to keep you sane and centered. šŸ˜‰

(I purchased this book from Amazon. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Here is all the info:

Mothers in today’s world wear many hats and struggle to keep the stress in their lives at manageable levels. Add the delightful but demanding new hat of mother of the bride (MOB) to the roles they are already juggling, and you have a host of middle-aged moms pushed to their limits, in desperate need of an empathetic voice and moments of nourishing relaxation. While trying to maintain life as they knew it before their daughters’ big announcements, MOBs are called upon to magically morph into wedding planners, help their daughters navigate the journey to the altar, and establish new and loving relationships with their prospective sons- in-law and their families. With all focus, financial and otherwise, dedicated to the brides and the weddings themselves, the needs of mothers of the bride are overlooked. Mother of The Bride will help MOBs step away from the hurried pace of daily life complicated by a demanding new role. It will offer them the refreshment found in discovering community as they take time for themselves time to be encouraged, to gain helpful insight and practical tips, and to enjoy the feminine beauty of a book designed just for them. Through essays featuring relevant quotes or Scriptures, personal stories, nuggets of wisdom, simple suggestions for personal pampering, journaling opportunities, communication aids, and practical tips for wedding planning, Mother of The Bride will nurture the all-important but too often neglected mother of the bride.

Cheryl Barker is a writer from Kansas who loves the Lord and longs for her words to be a blessing to others. Her heart’s desire is to refresh spirits and nourish souls.

Cheryl grew up in a house full of girls. Along with her mom and three sisters, they had her dad outnumbered five to one. Right in the middle of her college years, she married a fun-loving but dedicated biology student named Don. After graduating with a BSED and a major in English from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas, Cheryl taught English for a short time before becoming a stay-at-home mom to daughters Kristin and Kelli. During her daughters’ teenage years, she began freelance writing on a part-time basis. Kristin and Kelli grew up to be amazing women who brought equally amazing men into their family as sons-in-law. In January 2015, Cheryl and Don became the happy and proud grandparents of Isaiah and James, the twin sons of Kristin and Shawn, and in August 2016, Kelli and Jake made them grandparents again with the birth of Samuel and Silas–that’s right, another set of twin grandsons! Cheryl is now one busy grandma and loves every minute of it.

In addition to her book Mother of The Bride, Cheryl’s work has appeared in magazines, compilation books, and other publications as well as in Blue Mountain Arts greeting cards and also their gift book anthologies and calendars. She started her inspirational/devotional blog in 2007 and also launched a blog for mothers of the bride in 2013. She edits and publishes Life Notes, her quarterly inspirational newsletter that features her work along with that of other writers.

When she’s not writing or tending to life’s chores, Cheryl loves to spend time with family and friends, take photos, sing in her church choir, teach preschool Sunday school, read, go to movies with Don, and stay involved in her church and her writers group. Last, but certainly not least, she loves to indulge in daily doses of chocolate. Cheryl would love to connect with you. Find her social media buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Pinterest, and LinkedIn on her website at

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