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Off The Itinerary Blog Tour + Giveaway!

11 Aug

Welcome to the Blog Tour for Off the Itinerary series by M. Liz Boyle, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Title: Avalanche
Series: Off the Itinerary #1
Author: M. Liz Boyle
Publisher: Independently Published
Release Date: September 26, 2019
Genre: Christian middle-grade/YA, Adventure

“Avalanche surprised me with its depth…a 5-star read…” -For the Love of Literature

Five friends. One moonlit summit. An unforgettable journey.

Excitement hangs in the air as Marlee and her sisters join their friends on a daring hike up a Colorado mountain – in the middle of the night. When Sawyer first proposes the idea of a moonlit summit during the two families’ annual backpacking trip, Marlee is terrified but also hooked. Having grown up taking trips to the mountains, they’ve learned a thing or two about hiking, and Sawyer is confident they’ll be back by sunrise. But when disaster strikes, their knowledge, faith, and stamina will be put to the test. Digging out of the cemented snow is the first of many challenges in the coming days, and now Marlee has to trust Sawyer, who, by the way, was the brain behind the dilemma. Will their faith and friendship survive, or will they cave under pressure?

This engaging journey, told by fifteen-year-old Marlee Stanley, captures a timeless sense of adventure. The five young adults strive to exhibit godly character throughout their escapade, but it will take immense strength to hike out of this mess.

“I know that if their journey inspired me, it will certainly inspire others…Boyle has brought YA fans an uplifting, adventurous novel.” -A Baker’s Perspective

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With a “Let’s do this!” from Marshall, we headed upward. I was about sixteen steps into the snow when I heard the roar. Before my mind even had time to register the cause of the sound, I cried out in panic. Sawyer shouted to us to run to the side of the ridge, to try to escape the path of the white monster racing toward us. Where was Lydie? What would happen to my dear baby sister? In an instant, a blur of white, I was highly aware of Sawyer and Ellie racing to get to Lydie. I heard Marshall tell me to swim to stay on top of the snow. When the mass swept under my body, I gasped in horror as I felt the powerful force of nature. The fact that snow in an avalanche settles as densely as cement terrified me as I desperately thrashed my arms and legs and gulped air before crashing down, down into darkness.

The next twenty minutes felt like watching a too-realistic movie. I was terrified, and wished it was just a scary movie that I could turn off and forget. Forget the midnight hike, forget being body-slammed by a wall of snow, forget struggling for air. Then I thought of my parents and my sisters, and I decided to use every ounce of strength to see them again. Hearing Marshall’s voice gave me even more reason to fight for life, and when we were all reunited, I felt like we were going to be okay. We had survived an avalanche. Surely we could hike to safety. 

Title: Chased
Series: Off the Itinerary #2
Author: M. Liz Boyle
Publisher: Independently Published
Release Date: June 1, 2020
Genre: Christian middle-grade/YA, Adventure

“Chased would be a great addition to a k-12 Christian school library. Middle schoolers and up will enjoy it.” – Library Lady’s Kid Lit

It’s been a year since Marlee, her sisters, and the Miles boys survived an avalanche. Sure, it was a little embarrassing for them when all the neighbors saw them on the news, but they love being outdoors, and what are the odds that another tragedy would strike this adventurous group? Has anyone calculated the statistics of being hit with two natural disasters? It has to be low, so of course the two families planned to backpack again this summer.

When the teens first meet Thad, a dehydrated hiker on the trail, they give him water and food and help him recover. He seems harmless until he tells them to hike a few extra miles at sunset. Then Lydie finds a hand-drawn map that Thad dropped, and they discover why he is so eager to get away from the Stanley girls and Miles boys. So eager that he starts chasing them.

Now they have to climb up unforgiving ridges, sneak through the night, and – is that thunder and lightning? To make matters worse, Marlee has a nagging worry that her older sister Ellie is preparing to move away from home.

What is God’s plan? How will they get away from Thad before it’s too late?

“…realistic, exciting, and suspenseful…Chased is the perfect sequel to Avalanche. It’s gripping, suspenseful, entertaining, and, best of all, Christian.” -David M., Beta Reader

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We all looked at him with surprise, and I must admit I was slightly alarmed. He shrugged and said, “Not everyone in the backcountry is good. Once in a while a person can meet up with a bad group.”

What is he talking about? Backpackers are generally harmless people. Usually we’re stinky, and some hikers are a bit eccentric, but not dangerous. I studied Thad’s face, trying to make sense of his last statement. Did he think we’re a bad group? Or was he making some unusual joke? Sneaking a peek toward Sawyer, I saw that he too was staring at Thad, no doubt having the same thoughts as me. I was struck with a terrifying thought that shocked my mind like a bolt of lightning: could Thad be a threat to us?

Title: Ablaze
Series: Off the Itinerary #3
Author: M. Liz Boyle
Publisher: Independently Published
Release Date: February 25, 2021
Genre: Christian middle-grade/YA, Adventure

“M. Liz Boyle tackles the topic of showering difficult people with grace and forgiveness, making this a must-read for Christian teens. Adventure seekers who loved Avalanche and Chased will fall head-over-heels for the adventure that heats up in Ablaze!” – Author Allyson Kennedy

This summer the Stanley sisters and the Miles boys are excited to hike together again, and now they have the unique opportunity to help two of their ranger friends with an outdoor program in the beautiful Montana mountains.

Marlee has always considered herself a willing follower. Give her a direction and she’s happy to help. Her older sister Ellie is a natural leader, and Marlee is content in her role as assistant.

Marlee and her sisters have been assigned to help with Ranger Rose’s team, and they are savoring the adventure. But in a heartbeat while the group is divided by a few hundred feet, fire breaks out between Ranger Rose and Marlee’s group. In this enthralling finale to the Off the Itinerary series, Marlee must face her fears with courage that only God can provide.

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I had never given much thought to the well-known fact that heat rises. But as I gaped at the flames racing uphill toward us, greedily devouring the meadow grass, I realized that the rising heat factoid is a really big deal. Braelynn’s slashing words again clouded my thoughts. Sorry to disappoint you, Mrs. Gunderson. I should never have signed up for this leadership role!

“Marlee, do something!” Reeny shrieked. Sure, let me just unroll the fire hose stashed conveniently in the top of my pack. 


M. Liz Boyle is an author, the wife of a professional tree climber and the mom of three energetic and laundry-producing children. She received her Associate’s of Arts at the University of Sioux Falls, where she received the LAR Writing Award for her essay entitled, “My Real Life Mufasa.” Liz once spent a summer in Colorado teaching rock climbing, which she believes was a fantastic way to make money and memories. She resides with her family in Wisconsin, where they enjoy hiking and rock climbing. Liz and her husband have also backpacked in Colorado and the Grand Canyon, which have provided inspiration for her writing. She likes making adventurous stories to encourage others to find adventures and expand their comfort zones (though admittedly, she still needs lots of practice expanding her own comfort zone). She has thoroughly enjoyed working on the Off the Itinerary series.

Connect with Liz by visiting mlizboyle.com to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.


(3) winners will receive one Off the Itinerary series book (winner’s choice), book swag, and $15 Amazon gift card!

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Book Review: Elisha’s Bones

22 Jul

EBEvery year, professor of antiquities Jack Hawthorne looks forward to the winter break as a time to hide away from his responsibilities. Even if just for a week or two. But this year, his plans are derailed when he’s offered almost a blank check from a man chasing a rumor.

Billionaire Gordon Reese thinks he knows where the bones of the prophet Elisha are-bones that in the Old Testament brought the dead back to life. A born skeptic, Jack doesn’t think much of the assignment but he could use the money, so he takes the first step on a chase for the legendary bones that will take him to the very ends of the earth. But he’s not alone. Joined with a fiery colleague, Esperanza Habilla, they soon discover clues to a shadowy organization whose long-held secrets have been protected . . . at all costs. As their lives are threatened again and again, the real race is to uncover the truth before those chasing them hunt them down.

14584Don Hoesel is a Web site designer for a Medicare carrier in Nashville, TN. He has a BA in Mass Communication from Taylor University and has published short fiction in Relief Journal. He lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee, with his wife and two children.

My Impressions:

I signed up to read and review Don Hoesel’s book Blood and Bone and finding out it was the 3rd book in a series, I decided to read book 1, Elisha’s Bones first. I am so glad I did. I found the book to be a thrill ride a la Indiana Jones, but with one big difference. Hoesel’s characters not only grapple with mysteriously powerful artifacts and enemies around every corner, but with spiritual issues that make the book not just another archaeological adventure.

Jack Hawthorne lives a quiet life as an obscure college professor after giving up an active archeology career following the death of his brother Will on an Egyptian dig. When contacted to do some research on the Biblical prophet Elisha and his life-giving bones, Jack sees this as a means to liven up his winter break while getting his hands back in the game. What he finds are ancient secret societies and modern day killers — some looking to discover the bones, others to keep them hidden. Jack reconnects with his ex-fiance, and together they embark on a wild and dangerous ride across 3 continents.

I liked Hoesel’s writing style — fast-paced and detailed, but not bogged down in minutiae. The story is told in first person with Jack’s emotions and wry humor very much at the forefront. The reader also gets a good look at the other characters through Jack’s eyes — pretty much unbiased and objective. The premise is presented in a plausible and very believable manner. Jack struggles with anger towards God. He grew up with a church background, but pain and loss has caused him to dismiss God’s interest in mankind. He grapples with these issues throughout the novel, even at the most crucial part when God’s help is all he has left. An added bonus for the reader is a little talked about account in the Old Testament; something to get you flipping through your Bible.

If you like adventure, history and a Biblical thread, pick up Elisha’s Bones. And be sure to check back in a few days when I will post the review of Blood and Bone, book 3 in Jack Hawthorne’s adventures.


(I purchased Elisha’s Bones for my Kindle. All opinions are mine alone.)

To purchase a copy of this book, click on the image below.

Book Review: Resurrect

27 Nov

Book 1 in the Resurrect Trilogy.

Preventing his burning fighter from crashing into a neighborhood, Navy Commander Josh Logan ejects … too late.

Critically injured, he’s offered a new life and mission exploit highly classified military technology to stop a global cataclysm. The price? He’ll be dead to everyone he knows.

He wakes in a city hospital with a genetically enhanced body and no identity. With the help of his brilliant, Neuro ICU nurse, and guided by nothing but a voice, he must infiltrate the military-industrial complex to develop the world’s most powerful weapon … to protect humanity?


A Navy fighter pilot with hundreds of aircraft carrier landings, Commander David E Stevens holds degrees from Cornell and the University of Michigan with graduate work in astrophysics. He test piloted new fighters and received an aviation patent. With a Top Secret clearance, Dave served as Strike Operations Officer for the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm and led classified defense programs. He’s traveled to over two dozen countries.

Find out more about David E. at http://www.resurrecttrilogy.com/.

My Impressions:

Resurrect is part adventure, part science fiction that uses David Stevens’ military experience to capture an authentic feel. An interesting premise, a man is somehow saved from death and brought back to life with a new and enhanced body to combat a crisis facing the Earth. Josh Logan had no relationship with God, yet God has chosen him to accomplish mighty things, if Josh chooses to participate.

Resurrect is full of action and rich in scientific and military detail. But I just could not get into this book. I don’t think it is the fault of the book — the writing and characterization are well done. I just think I am not the target audience for it. So while it was not my cup of tea, if you like adrenelin-laced action combined with technology, pick up Resurrect.

(I received a copy of Resurrect from LitFuse in return for an honest review. The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

To read other reviewers’ thoughts, click HERE.


Welcome to the campaign launch for David E. Stevens new Resurrect Trilogy. Resurrect is an apocalyptic thriller based on real world threats from cutting-edge science. A Colorado Gold finalist for Best Action Thriller of the Year, it’s been optioned for a major motion picture by Producer Fred Miller (When Angels Sing starring Harry Connick Jr.).

To celebrate David has teamed up with his publisher, Kregel Publications, for a Kindle Fire Giveaway and Facebook Author Chat Party {12/4}.

One “thrilling” winner will receive:

  • A Kindle Fire
  • Resurrect by David E. Stevens

Enter today by clicking one of the icons below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on December 3rd. Winner will be announced at the “Resurrect” Author Chat Facebook Party on 12/4. Connect with David, get a sneak peek of the next book in the Resurrect Trilogy, try your hand at the trivia contest, and win some great prizes – gift certificates, books and a Book Club Prize Pack to be won (10 copies for your book club or small group)!

So grab your copy of Resurrect and join David on the evening of the December 4th for a chance to connect with David and make some new friends. (If you haven’t read the book – don’t let that stop you from coming!)