By The Book’s December Selection

20 Nov

JBM.Final_Christmas Eve is the time to be at home enjoying the warmth and laughter of family, isn’t it? A couple in their late 60s faces the prospects of a first ever Christmas with no kids or grandkids in the house … An emergency room nurse handles every crisis at work with calm, but inside her emotions are roiling because she can’t get hold of her husband or her youngest son … Over the past two years he has lost his job, his house, his wife, and it feels like his kids are slipping away … Her first baby is scheduled to arrive in a few weeks, but with her husband still on duty in Afghanistan, she’s never felt so alone in all her life … Four individuals and families are trying so hard to grab hold of the spirit of Christmas that they can’t see they are about to run headlong into each other … just before midnight.


We would love you to join us this December in reading Just Before Midnight. Have you already read it? Please share your thoughts with us.

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