Book Review: Tell Me About Prayer (Train ‘Em Up)

6 Nov

396804Train ’Em Up is an interactive, fun-filled, and affordable series that uses a train locomotive theme for teaching kids core Christian beliefs and principles. In Tell Me about Prayer, a friendly train conductor, Mr. Steve, teaches kids what prayer is all about, how we should talk to God, and why our conversations are so important to Him. Through bold graphics and interactive songs and stories, Train ’Em Up makes it easy for parents and teachers to explain biblical concepts like prayer in a way that helps with attention, memorization, and recall while building a solid faith foundation. Each book in the series includes a CD with sing-along songs and narrated stories with sound effects, plus a colorful sticker sheet!


Stephen Elkins is the owner and founder of Wonder Workshop, located fifteen minutes from the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. For over 20 years, he has written and produced quality music products that have been nominated for Grammy Awards as well as ECDA Association Awards. He has produced products for every major Christian publisher as well as such publishers as Simon & Schuster and Random House. His books and CDs have been published in several languages and have maintained positions on Billboard’s Top 100 for over 100 consecutive weeks. Stephen lives with his lovely wife, Cindy. They have three children.


My Impressions:

Interactive, fun, and based on scripture — that’s what you get with Tell Me About Prayer, part of the Train ‘Em Up series of books for children. What a great resource for parents. This book on prayer includes colorful stickers, a CD of kids songs focusing on prayer, and short, to the point explanations of what talking to God is all about. I liked that each example of prayer is followed by scripture that is easy to understand and memorize by children. The train motif is an added bonus. I have a little friend who is crazy about trains – this book will definitely be going home with him. There are lots of ways for a parent to use this book to teach about prayer and to reinforce God’s promises to his children. Not a book you will want to miss!

Highly Recommended.

Audience: children ages 4-7.

(Thanks to Tyndale for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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