Audiobook Review: Fear Has A Name

5 Nov

408165How Far Would He Go To Keep Them Safe?

It was more than a break-in. More than a stalking. It was personal. When a stalker targets his family, journalist Jack Crittendon must uncover who the person is and what his motives are–if he is to protect the ones he loves. It will lead Crittendon into a world of behind-closed-door secrets and faith gone awry, as does his investigation of a missing pastor, whose apparent suicide is more than it appears.

Each move Crittendon makes weaves him tighter and tighter into a web of lies, greed, hypocrisy, sin, and danger. He believed he’d never give in to fear. But that was before. And holding on to his faith won’t be easy. Nor will keeping his family safe, and ending the terror. Because that might require him to step over lines he never dared to cross.


3f6bd214197194c66050fb85640763e6Creston Mapes is the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling Christian fiction mystery, Nobody, along with the bestselling Christian fiction thrillers Sky Zone, Poison Town, Fear Has a Name, Dark Star and Full Tilt. His early years as a reporter inspire many of his novels.

A journalist, copywriter, and editor, Creston works from his home-office in Atlanta for some of the nation’s top media companies, Christian ministries, and nationally-recognized corporations, including Chick-fil-A, Coke, ABC-TV, and The Weather Channel. In addition to Creston’s novels and freelance writing, he has ghostwritten and edited seven non-fiction titles.

Creston is married to his hometown sweetheart, Patty. They have a close-knit family, with four great children, several pets, and a growing number of cars.


My Impressions:

If you are looking for a psychological thriller that will keep you turning the pages while holding your breath, then pick up a copy of Creston Mapes’ novel, Fear Has A Name, book one in The Crittendon Files series. I listened to the audio version and had a hard time turning it off. In fact I found lots of excuses to extend my listening time. Tightly written, this book will appeal to those who like Steven James.

The action starts from the very beginning. The Crittendon family is subjected to a home invasion. And that’s just the start of the nightmare that includes stalking and kidnapping. A seemingly unrelated story line of a missing pastor is the focus of Jack Crittendon’s newspaper investigation. But the two stories come together in an unusual way that demonstrates God’s plan and sovereignty.

Fear Has A Name is an action packed novel, with some very well-developed characters. They struggle with real life problems — depression, doubt and insecurity. When faced with extreme stress, they react in credible ways. The bad guy, Grainger Meade, is especially compelling. The product of twisted religion and abuse, he is at once despicable and sympathetic. The plot is multi-layered, and I wondered just where the author was going with the story lines. But Mapes brings all things together to show just how God works behind the scenes, though we can trace His hand if we look close enough. The audiobook reader did a good job of providing the many voices of the characters with their turmoil and torment.

I highly recommend Fear Has A Name for anyone looking for a taut thriller, and I am looking forward to reading more from this talented author.

Highly Recommended.

Audience: adults.

(I purchased the audiobook version of this book. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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