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Book Review: Would You Do What They Did?

4 Apr

eab2958cba373493cea36258ea08aeeaCome, tame a wolf, flee from the wrath of the king, feel the horror of impending doom on a ship, and the uncertainty of one’s own salvation with these great heroes of the faith. Would You Do what they Did? Great Christian Leaders from our Past is a creative nonfiction collection of biographies of Martin Luther, Francis of Assisi, John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, and Thomas Becket. It is written in plain, modern English for the average reader to enjoy.



46e545dc60960a8c0b122e.L._V354082481_SX200_William Dean Hamilton writes This Week in Christian History. He has also published two biographies about Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Junior, and over 1,000 articles, short stories and poems in magazines, literary journals and websites. Mr. Hamilton has degrees from Des Moines Area Community College and Upper Iowa University.


My Impressions:

Are you looking for a way to teach your children about dedication and commitment to a life in Christ? What better way than through the example of godly men of the past. Would You Do What They Did? (Great Christian Leaders from Our Past) is a great way to introduce your older elementary and middle school kids to heroes of the faith. Consisting of four biographies (Francis of Assisi, Thomas Becket, John Wesley and Martin Luther), William Dean Hamilton brings these influential men to life. Using the literary form of creative non-fiction, the author takes the reader into each man’s life and supplies notes at the end of each biography to let the reader know just what is fact and what is fiction. The biographies are realistic depictions of these men’s life and do not contain the supernatural stories often attributed to the men. Easy to read and easy to understand, the book, in the author’s words, brings truth to life and shows God’s hand in the lives of these Christian leaders. Perfect for the homeschool or for family time reading, Would You Do What They Did, can serve as a means to show your children what a faithful life in Christ really looks like.

(Thanks to BookCrash for a review copy. The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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