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Tales from The TBR Pile: Sandpiper Drift by Vanessa Del Fabbro

11 Jun

An exotic locale by the sea + great writing = a book that has been on my shelf too long! (And one that would be a perfect beach read!) After reading The Road Home by Vanessa Del Fabbro, I knew I wanted more from this talented author. So I picked up Sandpiper Drift a while ago and still have not it dug it out from the pile. This one is worthy of a look. Have you read it? Tell me why I should move it up to the top of the pile.


UnknownIt takes a village . . . When journalist Monica Brunetti enters the town of Lady Helen, she is awed by its beauty. A tiny jewel on the west coast of South Africa, its bright tin roofs and swaying palms seem made for picture postcards, not the real-world problems that have led her there. But the village takes hold of her heart, especially the beleaguered residents of Sandpiper Drift, who are threatened with eviction from their tranquil neighborhood beside the lagoon. And so Monica packs up her laptop, her adopted sons and housekeeper Francina, who’s wrestling with a major decision of her own, for the journey of a lifetime.

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12958Vanessa Del Fabbro was born and raised in South Africa. After majoring in communications and English literature, she worked in print and radio journalism, and then spent a year in England before coming to the United States in 1995. She has lived in St Louis, Missouri, Montgomery, Alabama and now makes her home in Houston, Texas, with her husband and daughter.

Vanessa writes whenever she can find time, usually late at night or early in the morning when her daughter is asleep. She loves long walks, Florida Panhandle beaches in winter, botanical gardens, picnics, meeting people from different cultures, reading and dancing around the living room with her daughter. She misses her family in South Africa, the low-humidity days of her hometown, Johannesburg, and her countrymen’s easy humor that mixes the local languages with unique flair, but, after a decade in the United States, she still feels as though she’s on an adventure and has much more to discover. You can write to her at vanessadelfabbro@hotmail.com.