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Author, Author! — Jay and Beth Loecken

18 Aug

One Family. One Purpose. One Passion.

Passion to Action is one ordinary family’s tale of pursuing an extraordinary dream. It’s a story about asking big questions, seeking answers every day, and along the way discovering a big faith.

What happens if you make a dramatic change? How does God sustain you in your new life? What will the people around you say? Find out for yourself what happens while reading about the journey of Jay and Beth Loecken. See just how far God takes them in their desire simply to serve -as a family- in soup kitchens, community projects, and churches across America.

Through the story of the Loeckens, see how God leads us to places we’d never imagine, be inspired to better live from your life’s passion, and find the courage to turn it to action.

Passion to Action: How God Uses Ordinary People in Extraordinary Ways by Jay and Beth Loecken

Guideposts Books/September 2011

ISBN: 978-0-8249-4857-3/256 pages/hardcover/$19.99

(From The Passion To Action website)

Beth and Jay Loecken and family — 

Our dream of hitting the open road and traveling the country in an RV began in the early years of our marriage. With the busyness of life, our dream never became a reality.  In July 2007, our family had the privilege of going to Africa on a life changing mission trip. When we returned, we wept as we realized all that we had in comparison to the African people. Our country host, Paul, shared his powerful testimony of growing up in the slums. As he spoke about the importance of having a dream, we realized that we had let our dream die. We decided to earnestly seek God to see if this dream was from Him. Over several months, God spoke to us through prayer and His word and we believe He has truly led us on this adventure. Read more about how we decided to travel full-time by clicking here.


While in Atlanta at the ICRS, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jay and Beth and talk to them about their ministry, book and future plans.  Here are some of the highlights:

BTB:  How scary was is it to sell everything and head out on the road?

Jay and Beth:  It wasn’t so much scary as it was exhilarating!   And though it was huge to let go of the security of a job and home, we know that God has us in His hand.  The more we step out, the easier it is to trust God.

BTB:  What do you miss most while on the road?

Jay and Beth:  We spent some time staying in a friend’s house and discovered some of the things we didn’t know we missed — having more than one toilet, privacy, sleeping in or staying up late.  (When you have a family of 6 living in an RV, everyone goes to bed and gets up at the same time.)  But we are so grateful to get to do what we are doing.

BTB:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Still on the road?

Jay and Beth:  We hope to have a ministry center in Denver that can serve as a home base for us and a place for others to come to study and grow.  Our dream is to have an old fire house — enough room for groups to come in and for us to park the RV.  We still see ourselves traveling and ministering all over the country.  In the short term we are working on a small group study that we will self-publish. The study will emphasize community development principles, joining hands in service and service with dignity.

A Big Thank you to Jay and Beth, a couple with real passion that translated itself into action!

(I received an ARC of Passion to Action from B&B Media Group.)