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Children’s Corner — Easter Is Coming!

11 Apr

Mommy and her little ones are settling in for story time, and this time it’s the biblical story of Easter that she’s telling. As the youngsters hear God’s tale unfold with its sometimes somber notes about sin and death, they are softly and continually reminded, “But Easter is coming!” By the end of the book, the anticipation has built and the children can celebrate the ending and the glory of Easter Sunday.
In a time when children’s Easter excitement often focuses on only egg hunts and candy, this book offers a different — and true — reason for joy and expectancy. It’s designed to be read and reread on the days leading up to Easter, telling the greatest story and building a sense of anticipation and celebration in little hearts.

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Tama Fortner is a freelance writer whose credits include God Is Always Good and 100 Things God Loves About You. She has collaborated on such bestselling titles as Indescribable, Jesus Calling for Kids, and Grace for the Moment for Kids. She lives just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, two kids, and an incredibly lazy dog who doubles as a footwarmer.


My Impressions:

Easter Is Coming! by Tama Fortner is one of the best children’s books I have seen that fully explains God’s redemption plan in an easily understood, kid-friendly way. From the Garden to the Resurrection, kids learn that God always had a plan for people to come back to Him. The repeated message is, that while many didn’t understand or acknowledge that plan, Easter was always coming. The message is spot on, and the accompanying illustrations are bright, bold, and beautifully detailed. For parents, there are bonus materials available online to help with questions and discussion that are sure to come up. This book is perfect for family reading time during Holy Week (or really any time) or for early readers to test their skills. It would also be great in an Easter basket.

Highly Recommended.

Audience: kids ages 2-6.

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Children’s Corner — 2 Buck Denver Books

3 Apr

I recently received 2 fun books for kids ages 4-8. Perfect for family reading time or for readers ready to sharpen their skills, these books combine bold illustrations, fast-paced story lines, and truths from God’s word. Take a look below.

More info on Jelly Telly and the Buck Denver Books:

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From creator of Veggie Tales® Phil Vischer, these fun and easy-to-read picture books based on the popular video series Buck Denver Asks… What’s in the Bible? teach children about character and virtue through beloved Bible stories.

Buck Denver’s Giant Robot Suit: A Lesson in Friendship

What does it mean to be a good friend?

Buck Denver wants to be friends with God, so he makes a giant robot suit to be closer to Him. To help Buck understand the true meaning of friendship, his friends share their favorite Bible stories. First, Sunday School Lady tells him all about David and Jonathan and their loyalty to one another in tough times. Then Pastor Paul talks about how Jesus offers friendship to each of us. In the end, Buck learns that God uses friends to help us grow stronger and our friendship with Jesus helps us grow closer to God!


Buck Denver’s Bad, Bad Day: A Lesson in Thankfulness

What does it mean to be thankful?

Buck Denver has had a bad, bad day, so his friends take him on a quest to learn about thankfulness. Soon, he’s on a ride with Sunday School Lady, Marcy, and Brother Louie to learn about Jehoshaphat and Lazarus. In the end, Buck learns that on good days AND bad days, God is good and worthy of our thanks-every day, no matter what!


My Impressions:

I really liked these two books. They were full of energy — from the prose to the illustrations — and are perfect for kids ages 4-8. I think boys, especially, will enjoy these stories featuring Buck Denver, his friend Marcy, and Sunday School Lady. In each book Buck Denver is searching for something to make his life more complete. In the Giant Robot Suit he wants strength and to get closer to God. In Bad, Bad Day he is looking for something to make him happy. In each instance, Sunday School Lady has a remedy. The examples she gives aren’t mere stories, but up close and personal encounters with Bible characters and Jesus Himself. The answer to Buck’s dilemma is always rooted in relationships with others and God. But the end of the story is only the beginning for you and your child. There are questions pointing back to the story and to situations in real life, scripture recommendations to go further in study, and a verse to memorize to reinforce the message of the book. I think these books will become favorites in your house.


Audience: kids ages 4-8 and their parents.

(Thanks to Worthy Kids for complimentary copies. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


Children’s Corner — Who Sang The First Song?

19 Dec

Have you ever wondered who hummed the first tune?

Was it the flowers? The waves or the moon? Dove Award-winning recording artist Ellie Holcomb answers with a lovely lyrical tale, one that reveals that God our Maker sang the first song, and He created us all with a song to sing.


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Singer-songwriter — and now author — Ellie Holcomb began her musical career by touring the country with her husband in the Americana band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Her honest voice and rich lyrics shined on her first solo album and deemed her the Best New Artist at the 2014 Dove Awards. In 2017, she followed with the restorative and hope-filled Red Sea Road. Ellie, her husband, Drew, and their three children live and make music in Nashville, Tennessee.


My Impressions:

Who Sang The First Song? is a beautiful storybook you and your child are going to love. With intricately detailed and vibrant illustrations, this book is a joy to read. Besides the fun of exploring each page’s artwork, your family will love the message of God’s song that is beautifully expressed through rhyming verse. The book explores all parts of God’s creation — the sea, the arctic, even the backyard —  looking for the answer to the title’s question. I loved this — “When God made the earth, He decided to sing, And He wrote his song into everything.” Appropriate for children preschool to 3rd grade, Who Sang The First Song? is a treasure. Highly recommended.

Highly recommended.

Audience: children preschool to 3rd grade.

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Children’s Corner — Very Veggie 5-Minute Stories.

19 Sep

Perfect for an on-the-go storytime or a fast bedtime reading for sleepy kids, Very Veggie 5-Minute Stories brings fans a new collection of nine VeggieTales adventures. As the Veggie cast stumbles and springs through hilarious scenarios, children will learn values such as being patient, being responsible, loving others, and doing their best. Full-color illustrations accompany the stories and will hold the attention of the read-to-me set. Ages 3-6 years.


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My Impressions:

Packed with all the fun and silliness you have come to love about Veggie Tales, Very Veggie 5-Minute Stories will become a new favorite when you have just a short time to share a story. Action-packed, bold illustrations accompany fast-paced stories with all your veggie favorites. Kids will love the adventures that the characters encounter. There are plenty of laughs (or parental snickers) along with a message highlighting God’s truth. For instance, The Good, The Bad, And The Silly teaches about good choices as the veggie cowpokes take on a cattle drive. And The Halfhearted Viking shows the virtue of doing your best as the Vikings vacation at a resort where things are only half done.

Fun for the whole family, Very Veggie 5-Minute Stories will become a new favorite for quick story time. But don’t be surprised when you hear just one more!


Audience: children ages 3-6.

(Thanks to Worthy Publishing for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Children’s Corner — Forever with Jesus

5 Sep

In Forever with Jesus, the sea kids learn that Jesus died for their sins, and that by believing in Him they will live in heaven forever. The cousins visit their grandparents for Grandma Pinky’s 80th birthday. During their visit, their grandparents’ neighbor, Mr. Higgins, passes away. Grandma reads the Bible and tells her grandchildren how wonderful heaven is and how there will be no more tears, pain, or suffering. The children understand that they do not have to fear dying because Jesus is building a wonderful mansion for them and all who believe in Him as their Savior!

Award-Winning Children’s Author, Speaker, Adjunct Professor Lee Ann Mancini was born in Cleveland, Ohio and grew up in Aurora, Ohio. She graduated from Aurora High in 1976 and moved to Florida in 1978.

Lee Ann Mancini graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Regent University (1990), a Masters in Biblical and Theology Studies from Knox Seminary, Magna Cum Laude (2014), and a Masters in Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Cum Laude (2014). Lee Ann also received her certificate of completion from the Ravi School of Apologetics (2011).

Lee Ann is currently an adjunct professor at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. She is also an award-winning, Christian children’s author. She is has taught Bible Study for over 10 years and has been an active community volunteer/​leader for over 20 years: Representing children as a Palm Beach County Guardian Ad Litem, International Affairs commission Chair for St. Joan of Arc Council of Catholic Women, Community Support Chair for the Junior League of Boca Raton. Initiated and chaired the Auction for Boca Raton High School for six years, and initiated and chaired the PTSA for Boca Raton High School for two years. In addition, Lee Ann is involved in the Women’s Ministry at Spanish River Christian Church and is on board Alexandrian Forum under the tutelage of Dr. Warren Gage Th.M., J.D., Ph.D., seeking to bring a greater understanding of the Bible by hosting annual Typology Conferences in South Florida dedicated to the theme of Christ as the center of Scripture. In addition, Lee Ann speaks to women groups regarding the redemptive power of the gospel represented though the types of brides of the church.

Lee Ann is married and has two children. She loves to read, jog, and teach the Word of God.


My Impressions:

Forever with Jesus is the newest book in Lee Ann Mancini’s Adventures of The Sea Kids series. Featuring big and bold illustrations of fanciful sea creatures that kids can relate to, this book looks at what it really means to live forever with Jesus. As the young cousins gather to celebrate their grandmother Pinky’s birthday, they enjoy all of the things a young child would at a grandma or grandpa’s house. They also have a chance to learn more about a relationship with Jesus. Questions are asked and answered according to God’s word. The sea kids hear the truth of God’s plan, but also see it lived out. After a wonderful day of fun ending in a sleepover, they wake up to find that a neighbor has died and now lives with Jesus forever. The whole process of death and its beginning rather than end is experienced. I like that the author shows what it is like to lose a beloved family member and friend, and yet have peace and joy in the midst of the sorrow and loss. Forever with Jesus is a great way to teach your kids the true meaning of eternal life. It is also a great resource for parents in a time of loss in their family.


Audience: kids ages 5- 8.

(Thanks to BookCrash for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Children’s Corner — Colorfull

19 Jun

Why be colorblind when we can be colorFULL instead?

Imani and Kayla are the best of friends who are learning to celebrate their different skin colors. As they look around them at the amazing colors in nature, they can see that their skin is another example of God’s creativity! This joyful story takes a new approach to discussing race: instead of being colorblind, we can choose to celebrate each color God gave us and be colorFULL instead.  


Dorena Williamson is a bridge buider, speaker, writer, and worship leader who knows the power and beauty of racial awareness. She and her husband, Dr. Chris Williamson, planted Strong Tower Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and have spent more than twenty years ministering to its richly diverse faith community. Dorena and Chris have four children.


My Impressions:

Wow! I was blown away by Colorfull, a children’s book by Dorena Williamson. While many in today’s world want us not to recognize our differences, this beautifully illustrated book celebrates the wonderful diversity throughout God’s creation. The story follows Imani, her little brother Christopher, and best friend Kayla as they explore the world right in their own backyard. Granny Mac points out the wonderfully colorful world that God created, pointing out that the variety makes the world beautiful. And God’s gift of color extends to people as well. I love that the book emphasizes the uniqueness of creation and our place in it. The illustrations  compliment the story — each picture wonderfully detailed and expressive. The book also provides a great parent’s guide at the end. Scripture references and discussion questions continue the conversation.

Colorfull is a great addition to a home library. I predict this one will be a favorite with your family.

Highly Recommended.

Audience: children ages 4-8.

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(Thanks to B&H Publishing for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Children’s Corner — Nighty Night and Good Night

9 May

Nighty Night and Good Night is the first book in a series of bedtime books by multiple Grammy and Dove Award-winning recording artist Michael W. Smith and VeggieTales co-creator Mike Nawrocki. In Nighty Night and Good Night, the stuffed animal band the Nighty Nights are called upon to help their friend Ben try to fall to sleep. This cute and sleepy adventure leads Lamby, Bear, and Sleepy Puppy to discover that a classic lullaby might just do the trick.

This book includes a link that allows readers to listen to Michael W. Smith sing the same lullaby that helps put Ben to sleep.

Founded by Michael W. Smith, Nurturing Steps is an infant and toddler series of children’s music and books with a simple mission to enliven a child’s journey with hope and faith through music and storytelling.


Michael W. Smith is an American musician, who has charted in both contemporary Christian and mainstream charts. He has also starred in 2 films and published 13 books including This is Your Time, which he worked with Christian author Gary Thomas to write.


My Impressions:

Dove Award winner and grandfather Michael W. Smith has a new venture — Nurturing Steps. The debut book in this series of music and books for infants and toddlers, Nighty Night And Good Night, is an adorable book that will become a favorite night time addition for your family. Targeted towards preschoolers, the book features young Ben and his 3 stuffed animals as he searches for a way to go to sleep. The four friends try their hardest to get Ben in a sleepy state of mind, but it is only after a lullaby that Ben indeed falls asleep. The soft words and pastel illustrations are perfect for drawing your child into the quiet of bedtime while reinforcing the care that God has for His children (the book begins and ends with prayer). The book also includes a link to the Smith’s original lullaby so you can combine reading time with music. Nighty Night And Good Night will be a wonderful addition to your family library.


Audience: preschoolers.

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(Thanks to Zonderkidz for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Children’s Corner — Sunrise, Easter Surprise!

19 Feb

A lively Easter board book depicting the joy that spread with the news of Jesus’ Resurrection.

All of creation is alive with the news: Jesus lives! From chirping birds to chattering rabbits to buzzing bees, the pages of this Easter board book spill over with joy. With cheerful verse and lighthearted-yet-reverent illustrations, Sunrise, Easter Surprise! imagines Jesus’ Resurrection from the perspectives of those who might have seen and heard of it first: the sun as it rose, a flower as it bloomed, and the first people at the empty tomb. This exuberant Easter book offers even the littlest listener a better understanding of what the Resurrection means to all creation: new life through Jesus. Ages 2-5.

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Hannah C. Hall is a bestselling author, award-winning blogger, follower of Jesus, lover of Josh, mother of five, cooker of meals, changer of diapers, and an unashamed enjoyer of desserts. Visit her at HannahCHall.com.


My Impressions:

Hannah Hall writes the best children’s books! They are whimsical, yes, but also have a great message of God’s love and promises. In the board book, Sunrise, Easter Surprise!, all of creation is bursting to share the news of Jesus’ resurrection. I loved the rhyming verse that highlights each little creature — bunnies, bees, lambs, and flowers — and its eager anticipation. The colorful illustrations will capture your child’s attention while a message of the Easter story is told in easy to understand terms. And if your grown-up heart scoffs at such a story, just remember what God’s word says:

But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the LORD has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. (Job 12-7-10)

Sunrise, Easter Surprise! is the perfect book to introduce small children to the wonder that is the empty tomb. While it would make a great addition to an Easter basket, this one really should be brought out early and often!

Highly Recommended.

Audience: kids ages 2-5.

(Thanks to Worthy Kids for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

Children’s Corner — The Marvelous Mud House

7 Dec

Ben and his American family live in a hungry ranch house where they are always wanting more. But then they travel far across the world to Kenya and visit the marvelous mud house where George and Mama George live. There, among the mango trees, they discover a marvelous lesson about what it’s like to be full of joy instead.



April Graney is the author of The Marvelous Mud House, a whimsical true story about finding contentment and joy based on her family’s trip to Kenya. Her passions are pointing her own five children towards the grace of God, serving in ministry at New Life Ranch in Oklahoma with her husband, and teaching children and parents about God’s heart for the world and those living in poverty. She enjoys early morning runs with friends, growing tomatoes and herbs, taking naps, drinking coffee, blogging and attempting to be an artist. She has a master’s degree in Biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, and has taught Bible study methods to teenagers, and spoken at leadership camps, and mother/daughter retreats. Her blog is http://www.aprilgraney.com.

Alida Massari is an award-winning artist who studied Illustration at the European Institute of Design in Rome. She finds inspiration from ancient art and architecture. She describes her work as modern with an ancient atmosphere.

My Impressions:

With bold and richly colored illustrations and a message of joy in all circumstances, The Marvelous Mud House is the perfect addition to your home library. The story centers on two very different families — one in Kenya and the other in the United States. There is an obvious difference in the economic state of each family, but it is the contentment in want versus discontent in plenty that will make an impression on your kids. George and his Mama have a faith that God will provide and they find joy in all aspects of their life. The Smith family, on the other hand, are always hungry for more, even when their cup overflows. The contrasts are excellent and will make your kids (and you!) think about the many blessings they enjoy, and perhaps spark creative ways to help others! The book provides a Parent Connection that will assist you in leading a discussion including truths found in the Bible. There are Kenyan words to learn and actual artwork from George’s village to enjoy.

Although not a Christmas story, The Marvelous Mud House is the perfect book to read during the weeks leading up to Christmas because of its focus on God and His provision. Consider making this one part of your family read-along this holiday season.

Highly Recommended. 

Audience: children 4-8.

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(Thanks to B&H Publishers for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


Children’s Corner: Angel on Assignment

15 Nov

If your family loves the Elf on the Shelf and you want to keep the fun going, check out Angel on Assignment. It’s a children’s activity book that offers a Christian alternative to the elf, teaching children about the angels who watch over them, not just at Christmas but all year long.With beautiful illustrations and rhyming verse, Angel on Assignment takes readers through the angels’ roles in the Christmas story and presents the ways guardian angels look out for boys and girls today — and how children can act as angels in disguise for friends who need help. See how many angels your child can find — some are hiding!

At the end of the book, you’ll find detailed instructions for making your own angel. When you’re finished, you can introduce your angel to your elf and let them keep an eye on things. Then post a photo of your creation to the book’s Facebook page, and check out the angels that other families have made!

Wanda Carter Roush, a mother to five and MiMi to three, has homeschooled her children for the last twenty plus years. A former Sunday school teacher and children’s church director, she has used stories of angels to communicate God’s love to children.

The idea for Angel on Assignment came to Wanda while caring for her youngest daughter, who has severe epilepsy. While the Elf on the Shelf was fun, she wanted to instill a mysterious hope in her child’s heart that would last a lifetime. Wanda believes the angels catch the little ones when they fall and have caught her little one who “falls” often. Wanda’s hope is that this book would stir an awareness that angels are among us.


My Impressions:

The Elf on The Shelf craze hit long after my kids were grown, but I have followed the antics of these little interlopers through my friends. Funny and crazy and sometimes downright creepy, the Elf has infiltrated a lot of American homes. But while a fun tradition, the Elf has little connection to the real story of Christmas. That’s where Wanda Carter Roush comes in. This mother and grandmother created Angel on Assignment to show God’s love and care for people. The story begins with God’s plan — Jesus. It shows how angels brought the good news of Jesus’s birth and were there when He rose again. But Roush doesn’t stop there. In a narrative that flows with rhyming verse, the story of angels continues, letting children know that angels are indeed on assignment all around them, helping and protecting. Illustrations are colorful and perfectly compliment the narrative. While the message is hopeful, it doesn’t end there.  In addition, Roush includes instructions for making your own angel to place around your house to remind your family that God’s messengers are a part of their lives. With a fun craft project and a hope-filled story of God’s love, Angel on Assignment is a perfect addition to your Christmas traditions.


Audience: families 

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(Thanks to Book Crash for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)