Children’s Corner — The Marvelous Mud House

7 Dec

Ben and his American family live in a hungry ranch house where they are always wanting more. But then they travel far across the world to Kenya and visit the marvelous mud house where George and Mama George live. There, among the mango trees, they discover a marvelous lesson about what it’s like to be full of joy instead.



April Graney is the author of The Marvelous Mud House, a whimsical true story about finding contentment and joy based on her family’s trip to Kenya. Her passions are pointing her own five children towards the grace of God, serving in ministry at New Life Ranch in Oklahoma with her husband, and teaching children and parents about God’s heart for the world and those living in poverty. She enjoys early morning runs with friends, growing tomatoes and herbs, taking naps, drinking coffee, blogging and attempting to be an artist. She has a master’s degree in Biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, and has taught Bible study methods to teenagers, and spoken at leadership camps, and mother/daughter retreats. Her blog is

Alida Massari is an award-winning artist who studied Illustration at the European Institute of Design in Rome. She finds inspiration from ancient art and architecture. She describes her work as modern with an ancient atmosphere.

My Impressions:

With bold and richly colored illustrations and a message of joy in all circumstances, The Marvelous Mud House is the perfect addition to your home library. The story centers on two very different families — one in Kenya and the other in the United States. There is an obvious difference in the economic state of each family, but it is the contentment in want versus discontent in plenty that will make an impression on your kids. George and his Mama have a faith that God will provide and they find joy in all aspects of their life. The Smith family, on the other hand, are always hungry for more, even when their cup overflows. The contrasts are excellent and will make your kids (and you!) think about the many blessings they enjoy, and perhaps spark creative ways to help others! The book provides a Parent Connection that will assist you in leading a discussion including truths found in the Bible. There are Kenyan words to learn and actual artwork from George’s village to enjoy.

Although not a Christmas story, The Marvelous Mud House is the perfect book to read during the weeks leading up to Christmas because of its focus on God and His provision. Consider making this one part of your family read-along this holiday season.

Highly Recommended. 

Audience: children 4-8.

To purchase, click HERE.

(Thanks to B&H Publishers for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


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