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Book Review: A Woman’s Guide to Reading The Bible in A Year

30 Mar

9780764210730You CAN Read the Bible in a Year

When Diane Stortz was invited to join a study to read the whole Bible in a year, she went for it. It changed her life, even though she’d been a Christian a long time. Now, more than ten years later, she still reads through the Bible every year with a group of friends.

“I didn’t start to really know God until I made knowing him my goal as I read the Bible. Getting to know God changed me. It changed how I think and what I do. It changes me still.”

God put the Bible together for you. Reading it through in a year helps create a rich experience and a focused understanding of what God wants to reveal about himself. And with week-by-week reading plans, easy-to-use reference material, and stories of encouragement from women like you, A Woman’s Guide to Reading the Bible in a Year is the perfect companion for this life-changing practice.

Gather your Bible and some good friends to join you in your journey, or go for it on your own. Either way, God will change you.


15902Diane Stortz is the bestselling author of several children’s books and has over twenty years of Christian publishing experience, both writing and editing. She and her husband, Ed, live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Learn more at dianestortz.com.

Twitter — DianeStortz

Website — http://www.dianestortz.com/


My Impressions:

There are a lot of Bible reading plans out there. Plans to help you tackle the daunting task of reading the Bible through in a year. But Diane Stortz’s A Woman’s Guide to Reading The Bible in A Year is the first one I have seen that is especially for women and for use in a group! The book begins with personal stories of how reading the Bible in a year impacted lives. Then it moves on to practical tips for use in a group setting. It also includes an overview of just where our present Bible came from. And then the adventure begins! Each week presents an overview of the week’s scripture passages, a seven day plan and a few questions to facilitate group discussion. I think this book would be great for mentoring, lunch groups, weekly Bible study or anytime that women want to get together to discover God’s Truth. It can definitely be used for solo reading, but the design for group study brings a richer experience. The back of the book presents Biblical timelines, a complete reading plan and helpful resources. This book is definitely the whole package. So if you want to embark on a life-changing journey along with your friends or co-workers, pick up A Woman’s Guide to Reading the Bible in A Year.

Highly Recommended.


(I received this book compliments of Bethany House Publishers. The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

30 Days With Jesus

23 Nov

I have never been very good at sticking with a Bible reading plan.  I start well but finish (or not finish) poorly.  I am better at keeping up a Bible study.  I guess I like the structure and the accountability that goes with a small group.  But I am currently between small group studies and my pastor’s sermon a few weeks ago was very convicting — so I am attempting yet again a reading plan.  To ensure a degree of success, I choose a very basic plan — 30 Days With Jesus.  I figured the Christmas season was the perfect time to read this plan.  So if you are like me and need to include more Bible reading in your day, click on the link above and join me.  If you begin today, you will have this plan completed before New Years. And having this one under your belt will be an incentive to keep any resolutions for Bible reading you may have for the new year.

I am also a member of the Common English Bible blog tour.  I will be using this new, contemporary version of the Bible along with my regular NIV study Bible.  For more information on the Common English Bible (CEB), click HERE.  About the CEB version —

It’s easier to read and understand. For many, reading the Bible and then truly grasping what it means can be a challenge. Yet the Bible is meant for everyone. The Common English Bible is a new translation of the Bible in a language that readers naturally speak and communicate—a common language. 

The publishers of the CEB are graciously offering a copy of this new Bible to one of my readers.  If you would like to enter this giveaway, just leave me a comment with your email address and your favorite Bible verse.  The winner will be picked November 30th.

(I received a copy of the Common English Bible from the publisher in return for posting about it for the length of the tour — November 20 – January 31.)