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Book Review: Caleb’s Awesome Adventure

28 Jul

61v86raRK-L._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_Caleb can’t wait to spend a few days with his sister Zali at his great grandparents farm. There’s always plenty to explore and so much fun to be had. What will he get up to with his cherished Pa? Caleb’s Awesome Adventure takes you on a journey to the wonders of farm life which children who live in towns and cities may never experience. This book will resonate with a generation that sees family values and togetherness as an essential ingredient in the nurturing of young children. Caleb through this childhood adventure learns to appreciate his own needs as well as family values.



1618478_10203107033295178_971712447_nBonnie Mae is the pen name of Debbie Telfer, an author from Queensland, Australia. Caleb’s Awesome Adventure is her debut juvenile novel. In her own words: I have never looked at myself as anything really other than a Mum, a wife and a business partner with my husband. After losing a little grandaughter at birth 4 years ago, I went on a life changing journey where God met me and relieved me of the pain in my heart that I was carrying. I learnt to see through that pain and draw close to him and to pour out my heart to him. In doing so I was able to find another person that had been hidden. The new me has done things that I never dreamt of and doesn’t go and hide from a challenge. The challenge thrown at me was “Could I write a children’s book teaching them what I had learnt”. I laughed at that person. As I sat down one day at my computer, words formed in my head, so I typed them. They kept coming, and Caleb’s Awesome Adventure was born. Had you told me 4 years ago I would write a book I would not have believed you.

My Impressions:

Caleb’s Awesome Adventure follows Caleb and his sister Zali on a trip to their great-grandparents’ farm in Australia. Suitable for children ages 8-12, this debut novel by Bonnie Mae reinforces the importance of family, especially multi-generational relationships. Simple illustrations reinforce the narrative as Caleb and Zali learn about life in the country.

There is much to like about Caleb’s Awesome Adventure — interesting characters, a look at life in the country as well as a look back into the history of Caleb’s family and Australia. The two children learn about farming, preserving, homemaking and chores as they develop strong relationships with their great-grandparents and grandfather. The adults in the book are careful to teach the children about values, choices, and consequences. Because of the emphasis on parenting, this book would be good for family story times.

I have one caveat to share about Caleb’s Awesome Adventure. At the end of the book Caleb’s grandfather talks with him about Caleb’s gift of visions. While this is biblical, I think parents should be aware of its inclusion and be ready for questions from their kids.

All in all Caleb’s Awesome Adventure is an interesting look at life in another country as well as a portrayal of positive family life.


Audience: children ages 8-12.

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(Thanks to the author for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)