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29 Oct

About The Book

Book: Texas Times

Author: Caryl McAdoo

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: September 8, 2023

A prim and proper country girl is thrown into a mayhem of madams and mercy killing when Alexandria Bell inherits her estranged uncle’s portion of a big city’s premier newspaper, the Texas Times. She does find the pickin’s better in Dallas as before she knows it, three suitors vie for her attentions. One makes her laugh, one speaks to her heart, and the third possesses such a way with words, he make her envious of his talent . . . but she’s his boss. Come along on Alex’s new career adventure and see if any are successful in winning her heart and hand.Click here to get your copy!


About The Author

Award-winning author Caryl McAdoo prays her story brings God glory, and her best-selling tales—coming up on seventy titles now published—delight readers all around the world. The prolific writer also enjoys singing the new songs the Lord gives her; you may listen to those at her YouTube channel.

She loves working in the yard at The Peaceable, her home tucked away on twenty acres, mowing and planting flowers. She lives there with Ron, her high school sweetheart and husband of fifty-five years, five dogs, two dairy goats she milks daily, a flock of chickens, and a plethora of barn cats.

The couple shares four children and twenty-seven grandsugars, six are greats. Caryl and Ron love their quiet, country life in the woods south of Clarksville, seat of Red River County in far Northeast Texas and wait expectantly for God to open the next door so they may do His will.

More from Caryl

I can’t imagine the Cross Timbers Romance Family Saga coming to an end anytime soon, but I’m up to nine books in it! I love these characters so much and the fact that some of those beautiful fictitious people I love from my first family saga (Texas Romances) show up from time to time—I mean they all live in Texas so . . . !

This book nine, TEXAS TIMES has been so much fun because of its background setting—a Dallas newspaper in 1877. It lends itself to anything happening at any time, so the adventure and pace of the story know no bounds!

I introduce a new female character as my heroine in TEXAS TIMES, Alexandria who is moving to Dallas from the tiny Texas Hill Country community of Spicewood to assume a new position at the newspaper there after inheriting a forty-five percent ownership of it.

The Cross Timbers’ characters show up in TEXAS TIMES as the heroes. There’s Amos Humble, the paper’s star reporter and son of Landry and Arlene Humble (book three TEXAS TEARS) and Stephen O’Neal, the first class fiddler son of Flynn and Alicia (book one GONE TO TEXAS.) So I’m still in the third generation with no telling how many more books to go!

This story covers a lot. Forgiveness of others and one’s self, God’s supernatural miracles, His giftings, His plans and purposes for our lives, the importance of truth… I could go on and on. I pray you all will enjoy this fast-paced story and that it gives God glory!


Q & A with Caryl McAdoo

Was there a special someone, such as a teacher, parent, or other relative, who encouraged you to pursue writing?

My husband Ron was always a reader, and after finishing a book called Noah, he thought it was so bad and had nothing to do with the Biblical hero, that if that lady made it to print, he and I could write a book and get published!

We hand wrote a 380 page manuscript that was rejected, rejected, rejected. The Lord led us to the DFW Writers Workshop where we learned the craft and six years later, our first book ANTIQUING IN NORTH TEXAS, a non-fiction, debuted!

Why did you choose historical Christian Romance genre?

Almost ten years after joining the workshop and nine titles later, we met our New York agent, Mary Sue Seymour (would you believe her maiden name was McAdoo? It was definitely a “God-thing”), and she told us if we would write a historical Christan romance set in the 1800s, she’d sell it.

Nine weeks later, she signed us to a contract after we sent VOW UNBROKEN to her. Two moths after that, she sold it to Simon & Schuster! We loved the genre and now have three family sagas and many more (39 in the genre)! They are never outdated, I love the research, and the sweeter, more moral times.

What types of research do you pursue? Books, on-site visits, etc. 

Most of our research is done online. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s so very convenient! An author can think up any bit of information to put in their book like what games did children play with or what were some slang words used in the 1880s or how much did it cost to mail a letter in 1865?

Ask Google, and voila! The answer is at your fingertips. And while you’re reading one thing, you most always come across other interesting information! It reminds me of the Scripture that says knowledge will increase in the end days—which I totally believe we are living in now!.

What does a typical writing day look like? Are you structured or informal in your writing schedule?

Ron ad I usually write early in the morning and on his computer. He goes over what I wrote the day before, then takes the story on, telling me I’m behind when he’s through. I sit in his chair, go over what he’s written, and continue the story. 

This goes back and forth from the beginning to the end of the manuscript. We hardly ever go back to change or add something. He has final say on male dialogue and actions and I have same foe the feminine characters! We average writing a thousand words a day (4 pages). That’s usually all done by nine or ten o’clock.

We say we write for discovery. We have an idea of our heroines and hero’s background information—we decide it through discussion—to know how they’ve gotten where they are and who it’s made them. Past that, we have no idea where the story is going or what will happen to our characters until we write it.   

Readers always want to know what is next for an author. Do you have any works in progress you can share about?

Well, we just finished writing THE GINGERS LOVE THEIR MYRRH, book one of a new multi-author project I’ve organized “Grandmothers Know Best” that launches in January 2024. 

Though the writing is complete, it is still a work in progress as many things must happen before it’s a book. Editing (I have several editors who go over it), making corrections, working with my cover designer Randi Gammons, formatting (designing the interior of the book), then bringing it all together and uploading it at Amazon.

ANSWERING THE CALL is the story we’re actually writing right now. It will be book three in my New Beginnings Family Saga, but first, the “episodes—rather than chapters—are published at Kindle Vella as Season Three, same name.

As soon as it’s finished, and it will be soon, we’ll be starting on MAIL-ORDER SHEPHERD, a part of the “Husbands of Honor” Collection, multi-author project being organized by another author. The twist is a lady needs the help of a man and places an ad.

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