Book Review: Daughter of Eden

13 Feb

Daughter of Eden, the latest Biblical fiction by Jill Eileen Smith, releases tomorrow. I snagged an early copy, and devoured it! The what-if are fascinating. With Eve, I felt the loss and grief of sin’s advent into the world, along with the estrangement from God. If you have ever wondered what life in the garden might have been like or what it must have been like to be the first to do anything, then this book is for you. Well-researched and thought-out, Daughter of Eden is a recommended read.

The first time she opens her eyes, Eve gazes on One whose beauty nearly blinds her, whose breath is in her lungs. Her Creator takes her hand and gives her to one like her and yet different. Together, she and Adam experience pure joy as they explore Eden. But her favorite moments are when the Creator comes to walk with them, day after day.

Until everything changes. With one act of disobedience, Eve finds that her world is no longer a friendly place. With remorse in her heart, she must face the unknown future–the births, the deaths, the sacrifices, the loss of the one home she has ever known. Perhaps worst of all is the loss of trust, not only with her Creator but with the man who shares her life. How will they ever survive out of Eden?

Bestselling biblical fiction author Jill Eileen Smith imagines the life of the first woman to ever live, unspooling a story of love, loss, and the promise of redemption.

Jill Eileen Smith is the bestselling, award-winning author of the Wives of King David series, Wives of the Patriarchs, Daughters of the Promised Land, The Heart of a King, Star of Persia, Miriam’s Song, and the nonfiction When Life Doesn’t Match Your Dreams, and She Walked Before Us. Her research has taken her from the Bible to Israel, and she particularly enjoys learning how women lived in Old Testament times.

When she isn’t writing, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, read stories that take her away, ride her bike to the park, snag date nights with her hubby, try out new restaurants, or play with her lovable, “helpful” cat Tiger. Jill lives with her family in southeast Michigan.

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My Impressions:

Created to be the perfect partner for her husband, Eve’s life in the garden was idyllic . . . until her choices allowed sin to enter the world and change everything. Daughter of Eden by Jill Eileen Smith explores all the what-ifs of the first man and woman. Faithful to the scriptural record, Smith fictionalizes the account to perhaps ask more questions than she seeks to answer. I loved how she portrayed Adam and Eve in all their innocence — an innocent and pure, and yet intimate relationship between each other and the special bond they had with their Creator — before all was shattered. The book explores what might have taken place following their expulsion from Eden — the need to find shelter and food, the need to make useful items for their household, and the beginnings of a family. One thing this novel stresses is that though estranged from God by their sin, He never truly leaves them alone. They are His despite their disobedience, pride, and willfulness. A good reminder for modern day readers too. Regret over her decision to disobey God stalks Eve, especially when her children repeat her mistakes in a variety of ways. Adam and Eve lived a long time, so the story doesn’t end with the birth of Seth, but with the ways the world was shaped by their descendants. Cities are built, traditions are established, and sin lives on. But hope is never too far away, as Eve looked for the one who would redeem her mistakes. This work of Biblical fiction made me think, made me consult scripture, and made me examine the consequences of my own actions.

With what must have been an enormous undertaking, Smith brings forth a very plausible storyline that’s a pleasure to read, not a dry philosophical tome. I very much liked Daughter of Eden. As a leader of a combo Bible study/Book Club, I would not hesitate to use this novel as a companion to a study of Genesis. If you are a fan of Biblical fiction too, give this one a look.


Audience: Adults.

(Thanks to Revell for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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  1. Cindy Davis February 13, 2023 at 7:29 am #

    Great review! I have not been in the mood for Biblical fiction for a while now, the last one I read kind of soured me, but I like Jill’s writing so will keep this one in the back of my mind.

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