Series Spotlight — Faith Valley by Betsy Ramsey

10 Oct

I love an indie bookstore! Book Bound Bookstore in Blairsville, Georgia has it going on! With adult and kids book clubs, fun events for readers, and book signings, it is the perfect place for all your bookish dreams to come true! About a month ago I had the pleasure of attending a book signing for Shadowy Past, book 2 in the Faith Valley series by Betsy Ramsey. Not only did I get a signed copy of a book, I came home with lunch! Featured in the book are recipes that were re-created by The Bean Pod Shoppe, another fabulous small town gem.

Two books are available in this small town mystery series — Shadowy Love and Shadowy Past. Find out all the details below. And if you are ever in Blairsville, Georgia, make sure to put Book Bound Bookstore and The Bean Pod Shoppe on you itinerary!

Living in a small town can be sad, funny, educational and inspiring. Faith Valley is a peaceful community in the North Georgia mountains. Identical twins and their husbands appear to have taken early retirement from federal jobs. They are actually agents who work undercover when called out on assignments. Their code name is MC4. Trying to keep a secret in a small town is a challenge, but so far their true identities are safe. The first crime involves a break in and a cast iron skillet. Then, a woman and her children relocate to escape an obsessed stalker. Other crimes occur and a 40 year old cold case is solved using a different technique. Before it is over, all will be tested. Love may also be in the air as the local church has hired a young, handsome and single Music Minister. The casserole brigade is in full swing. Between waiting to see if the stalker will appear, the MC4 team going on assignments, possible romances, and other crimes, the locals are trying to understand what is happening to their town. When it is all over, will peace reign once more?

Welcome back to Faith Valley. The small, North Georgia town recovered from all that happened last fall and now spring is on the way. Amelia and Celia, identical twins, and their husbands Ryan and Mac, are secret federal agents known as the MC4 team. The retirees continue to go on ‘vacations’ to work undercover and catch criminals. Who is the Mystery Angel who is providing needed funds to the community and individuals? Live is in the air but an abusive ex-husband returns to the area with a dangerous plan to get his ex-wife back. Other criminals plan to disturb the peaceful town. Will they succeed?


Betsy Ramsey did not realize that she had been blessed with a criminal mind until she began assisting victims of crime. Through divine intervention she has an amazing career that includes becoming a founder of a domestic violence program, traveling across America and to Canada to train law enforcement and other professionals on stalking, responding to provide crisis intervention at the Olympic Bomb in Atlanta in 1996, to Washington, DC after 9/11 and to other acts of violence. She is part of a team that meets with representatives of other countries as they prepare for an International event and/or the possibility of terrorist attacks. She is also an expert with The Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI), a non-profit that is based at Argosy University in Atlanta, GA and is comprised of colleges across the United States. She co-authored a college textbook entitled Cold Case – Pathways to Justice with Sheryl McCollum. 

Betsy has developed a danger radar and talks about signs of danger in her stalking training. An attendee at a conference said that if she dropped her napkin at lunch and reached down to pick it up, half the room would dive under the table because they would think she was taking cover. She developed a stalking protocol for the State of Georgia and is the recipient of numerous local, state and national awards and recognition.