Spotlight And Author Interview — A Worthy Heart

14 Feb

About The Book

Book:  A Worthy Heart

Author: Sara Beth Williams

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Release date: January 9, 2019

Joel Bennett has always known Serena Hayes as his sister’s gregarious best friend. In the three years since Lacey began college, Serena became a regular houseguest, but lately, she’s absent more than not. When Joel discovers she’s in an abusive relationship, protectiveness from within roars to life.

With only a part-time job to support her and nowhere to go, Serena fears leaving her current relationship would jeopardize her chances of graduating college. After a brutal attack leaves her no choice, she courageously moves out. On her journey toward regaining confidence, self-worth, and independence, Joel falls in beside her, encouraging her. The way he emulates Godly love and compassion draws her close–not just to him, but to the God who can satisfy her longing for love better than any man,

Attraction sizzles between them, but events from their pasts cast shadows of doubt. When the unthinkable happens, can Serena open her heart to a second chance at love, or is she destined to be alone?


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About The Author

Sara Beth Williams is a wife, mother of two daughters, and temporary caretaker of a lovable old lady pit and a spunky Pomeranian-Shih Tzu mix. She lives in Northern California. When she’s not held hostage by the keyboard, she enjoys music, teaching, reading and spending time with her family. She is all about connecting with readers! Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Bookbub and AllAuthor.


More from Sara Beth

Can I tell you a secret? When writing a new manuscript, book titles for me either come immediately, or they take years – literally – to develop into something catchy and strong. A Worthy Heart came to me almost immediately. I had no hesitation, because I knew what I wanted the story’s message to be.

Whereas the titles for my first and third book took over a year of going back and forth, with much indecision, A Worthy Heart resonated perfection.

What do you think makes a strong, unique title? I love titles with double meanings. I felt like A Worthy Heart truly captured both the romantic feel of the storyline, and the spiritual message of the storyline simultaneously. And I absolutely love when that happens!

I truly hope you enjoy Joel and Serena’s story, and I hope you can decipher both meanings in the title. More than that, I hope you take those three words to heart, because those three words are exactly what God believes about every single one of you.

Happy reading,

Sara Beth Williams


Q & A with Sara Beth Williams


BTB — Why did you choose the contemporary Christian romance genre?

Sara Beth Williams — I fell in love with the genre of Christian romance the moment I began reading it in 2012. I had a rough story idea at the time (that is now When Hearts Collide) that straddled the line between YA and adult, which is now called New Adult. The more Christian romance novels I devoured, the more I wanted to write what I was reading. 

BTB — Were there any obstacles you faced in your journey to publication?

Sara Beth — I had four written rejection letters, and a handful of other publishers who didn’t reply back at all. I spent about 9 months querying before I finally entered a twitter pitch contest called #faithpitch, and that’s where I landed a full manuscript request. 

The year my book was undergoing edits on its way to publication was a very difficult year personally for me. A lot of family tragedy occurred, resulting in my release date being pushed back several times. By the time it finally came, I just wanted it to be done so that I could finally say I had birthed a book baby into the world. And here I am now, at last, ready to publish the third in my series! 

BTB — How long does it usually take to craft your books?

Sara Beth — It depends on the manuscript, honestly. Some manuscripts have taken me years to produce. My first manuscript (When Hearts Collide) was written in four months — but typically I go through 12 or more drafts, yep, not including professional edits by the publishing company. I have beenkeeping track though because it interests me to see which of my stories take longer. So far, my 4th book, which I am pitching to agents at the moment, has taken me the longest in terms of # of drafts. 

BTB — Readers always want to know what is next for an author. Do you have any works in progress you can share about?

The third book in my contemporary Christian romance series releases in March 2021! It should be up for pre-order. You can follow me anywhere on social media to find out more. You can visit me on Bookbub and on Amazon to find out the latest.


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    From what I’ve seen in author interviews, it takes a lot of endurance to make it through the publishing process!

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    I love strong Christian males in Christian fiction. Joel sounds like that sort of main male character. I’d love to read this book.

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    I enjoyed the interview! Thank you for hosting.

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