Book Spotlight — As Doves Fly in The Wind

14 Dec

As Doves Fly in The Wind by Mary Lou Cheatham is not your typical Christian romance. The characters are flawed and gritty, and you may wonder just how a happily-ever-after is going to happen. But forgiveness (from God and man and self) is a big theme in the book — something we all need. And if you are a fan of Southern settings, this novel has the Louisiana flavor down. Check out all the details below.


Jessica Boudreaux Hays, a retired music professor, has recently moved to Rousseauville to open a bed and breakfast in her grandparents’ house. An attractive and talented fifty-five-year-old widow, Jessica loves to cook, entertain, and play the piano. Her life is filled with problems. Emmie, her younger sister who lives with her, cannot be left alone. The sisters recently lost their parents in an automobile accident. The residents of the village are charitable but superstitious. For some mysterious reason, they refuse to go near her or the bed and breakfast. Another frustration in Jessica’s life is her cyber romance with a mysterious stranger. 

Dale Bonnier, a fifty-five-year-old widower, pastors two small churches in rural south Louisiana. He inspires the people in Rousseauville with his compelling sermons. He is considerate and approachable but at times disorganized and impetuous. His parishioners, especially Jessica, find his preaching inspiring. 

Dale has a recurring problem with his past. In the 1980s, when he was an intense young man, he destroyed his home and family as he sought to satisfy his cravings for illicit drugs. Thirty years have passed. God has forgiven him, but the past has left indelible scars. Can Dale forgive himself? He cannot turn his past around, but he hopes it will be used to influence and inspire others. 

Jessica tries to start over in Rousseauville, but she encounters unpredicted stormy times. Can she find acceptance? Will she ever find a man she can love and trust?


Mary Lou Cheatham is a creative writer who likes to write inspirational historical fiction. She also has fun constructing rhyming stories for children. Often, she discovers humor in ordinary life events.


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