Audiobook Mini-review — Fire Storm

6 May

When FBI profiler Kaely Quinn’s mother is diagnosed with cancer, Kaely takes time off work to go to Dark Water, Nebraska, to help her brother care for their mother. Upon her arrival, she learns of a series of fires in the small town, attributed by the fire chief to misuse of space heaters in the frigid winter. But Kaely is skeptical, and a search for a pattern in the locations of the fires bolsters her suspicions.

After yet another blaze devastates a local family, Kaely is certain a serial arsonist is on the loose. Calling upon her partner from St. Louis, Noah Hunter, and her brother’s firefighter neighbor who backs Kaely’s suspicions, Kaely and her team begin an investigation that swiftly leads them down a twisted path. When the truth is finally revealed, Kaely finds herself confronting a madman who is determined his last heinous act will be her death.


Nancy Mehl lives in Missouri, with her husband Norman, and her very active puggle, Watson. She’s authored thirty books and is currently at work on a new FBI suspense series for Bethany House Publishing.

All of Nancy’s novels have an added touch – something for your spirit as well as your soul. “I welcome the opportunity to share my faith through my writing,” Nancy says. “It’s a part of me and of everything I think or do. God is number one in my life. I wouldn’t be writing at all if I didn’t believe that this is what He’s called me to do. I hope everyone who reads my books will walk away with the most important message I can give them: God is good, and He loves you more than you can imagine. He has a good plan especially for your life, and there is nothing you can’t overcome with His help.”

You can find out more about Nancy by visiting her Web site at: She also is active on the Suspense Sisters: and on FaceBook!


My Impressions: 

My book club read the first book in Nancy Mehl’s Kaely Quinn Profiler series, Mind Games and loved it. I was in need of some distraction, so chose the audio version of book 2, Fire Storm. The twists and turns and the very intriguing main character kept me engaged. While I chose this book to accompany my morning walks, I soon found myself unable to turn it off, so I listened while I ironed, cooked, dusted — you get the picture. I found excuses to do chores so I could continue the listening pleasure. 😉 Kaely takes some time off to help out her brother in the care of her mother, but soon finds herself in the midst of the case of questionable house fires in the small community. Kaely can’t seem to shut off her investigative bent, but is it so she does not have to deal with the family dynamics she left years before? The interactions with her brother and mother provide great insight into Kaely’s character. The accidental house fires soon become an arson investigation, and I was kept guessing right up to the end. Fire Storm is pure suspense, although there is a hint of romantic attraction. We will see if anything comes of that in book 3, Dead End.

For fans of suspense, Fire Storm is a fantastic read. Plot twists, a very interesting main character, and a surprise ending all combine to give this one a recommended rating.


Audience: adults.

(I purchased the audiobook from Audible. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


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