Book Spotlight — Love Is Not Arrogant Or Rude

6 Dec

If you like contemporary romance, especially one that focuses on Christian principles in dating, then consider Love is Not Arrogant Or Rude by Lila Diller, book 1 in the Love Is series. Good for both YA and adults, this novel focuses on humility and choice. (Please note: this is a book spotlight only. I did not read this book and the post does not serve as a recommendation or endorsement.)

Is True Love for Everyone?

That’s what Morgan wonders, an introverted secretary whose feelings for her boss Jason secretly bloom. When he shows interest in her, too, she hopes that true love has sprouted. Just as a relationship with Jason Scott blooms, her old flame Tony Brown bursts back into her life and tries to woo her away. After spending time with both men, Morgan thinks her heart has chosen Jason, when tragedy strikes Tony’s family. She must choose to help or abandon Tony, but if she helps, she may lose Jason.

Which man shows her true love? Who will she choose?

Love is Not Arrogant or Rude is the first installment of Lila Diller’s “Love is…” Series, based on the Bible’s definition of true agape love in 1 Corinthians 13, a contemporary Christian Romance introducing Morgan’s saga and set in a fictional, college town in North Carolina. 

Lila Diller was born in 1978 in Caldwell, Idaho, grew up in the tiny farming community of Notus, Idaho, and currently resides in North Carolina. She is at present outnumbered as the only female in a household of males: her husband of 16 years, two energetic boys ages 7 & 12, and a hyper dog named Copper. Growing up in church, Lila accepted the Lord at a young age, and graduated from a Bible college with a 4-year Humanities degree. She has published three short Christian Romance novels, all in the “Love is…” series, based on 1 Corinthians 13, the Love Chapter.

When not homeschooling her boys, you can find her studying the Bible, singing, scrapbooking, or binge-watching Netflix. She can also be found reading at any chance. You will only find her cooking or cleaning when she can’t put it off any longer. She loves to help readers not only escape from stress in an entertaining and believable story but also to create romance in their marriages based on hope in Jesus.

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