Book Spotlight: Point of View

6 Dec

Sometimes books show up at my home by surprise. LOL! While they look like good reads, I cannot read them all. Because . . . life. But I don’t want to be remiss in introducing you to a book that you may love. In that spirit, I give you Point of View by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Check it out!

Recognized from her roles on Survivor, The View, and FOX & Friends, celebrity Elisabeth Hasselbeck presents a deeply intimate journey of faith, told through the important moments in her life.

“Point of view”, by definition, is a particular attitude or way of considering a matter. Through her nearly two decades of broadcasting, Elisabeth learned the necessity of extracting the point of view of the person being interviewed on a particular topic or subject or experience. Doing so allows you to see issues and truths through another’s eyes. It requires a shift in perspective to see the story through their lens.

In this illuminating book, Elisabeth walks through the times — from her national celebrity days to her newest role as CBO (Chief Breakfast Officer)–where she saw something differently than how God wanted her to, and the path back to His point of view was sometimes rocky but always revealing. Sometimes God’s intentions for her were clear, yet other times she encountered situations so uncomfortable and blurry that she could only ask for His wisdom.

In this book, Elisabeth welcomes you into the many different, and often divergent, points of view that she has witnessed and learned from along the way. It is a journey that brought her to the ultimate point of view that she discovered in the Word of God — that until she sees herself as He sees her, she is not seeing at all. As you read through the pages here, she invites you to make the same discovery for yourself.

Elisabeth DelPadre Hasselbeck is a retired American television personality and talk show host. She has been married to Tim Hasselbeck since July 6, 2002. They have three children.



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