Book Review: Surrounded by Darkness

15 Oct
We wrestle not against flesh and blood . . . 

When attorney Olivia Murray opens a legal clinic for victims of domestic violence in Windy Ridge, she knows she will face legal and spiritual opposition. The New Age presence has grown stronger as alliances form between groups hoping to spread their destructive way of life and gain a stronghold in the community. While the forces of evil target Olivia’s new clinic and her relationships, she refuses to let them stop her quest for justice.

Grant Baxter is facing legal woes of his own when a former client sues him for malpractice. His faith is shaken as he faces down the possibility that his legal career is over. While Grant struggles to save his once thriving law practice, he wonders if he truly deserves to be Olivia’s partner outside of the courtroom.

With evil coming at them from all angles, Olivia and Grant’s relationship is put to the test. The two of them must come together and fight for the hearts and minds of those in Windy Ridge. Will their faith be strong enough — in God and each other — to prevail in the battle that threatens to bring darkness to the entire town?

Rachel Dylan writes legal thrillers and legal romantic suspense. Rachel has practiced law for over a decade including being a litigator at one of the nation’s top law firms. She enjoys weaving together legal and suspenseful stories. Rachel writes the Atlanta Justice Series which features strong, female attorneys in Atlanta. Deadly Proof, the first book in the Atlanta Justice series, is a CBA bestseller, an FHL Reader’s Choice Award winner, a Daphne du Maurier Finalist, and a Holt Medallion Finalist. Rachel lives in Michigan with her husband and five furkids — two dogs and three cats. Rachel loves to connect with readers. You can find Rachel at


My Impressions:

Surrounded by Darkness is the third installment in the Windy Ridge Legal Thriller series. And just so you know, you really cannot read this legal suspense/specuulative novel as a standalone. Each book builds on the other as it depicts more than courtroom battles. Rachel Dylan’s series is definitely filled with legal wrangling, but these books also clearly depict the spiritual warfare that is hidden from most believers. The novels draw back the veil in a way that will make you think twice when life presents trials. Each is a recommended read.

In Surrounded by Darkness, series main characters Olivia and Grant have their faith tested as they face attacks from both the real world and the heavenly realms. They, along with characters both old and new, play a big part in the battle for Windy Ridge. The New Age movement and the Wiccan culture are examined in their relation to the plans of Satan to capture the hearts of their followers. One truth is made very clear — once you choose to follow the occult, no matter how benign it seems, you have chosen to stand against God. I really liked that Dylan challenges the naive view that there is white magic. Against the backdrop of spiritual warfare, Olivia uses the talent God has given her to battle the forces of evil — her legal expertise. I found this very intriguing. It made me think about the equipping of God in a whole new way. As in the first two books in the series, some action is wrapped up. But though the battle may have been won, the war continues.

I have enjoyed all the books in Dylan’s series, and recommend each. Make sure to check out all three.


Audience: adults.

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(Thanks to the author for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)



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