Book Review: The Land Lord

18 Apr

Land lords: China’s most threatening export yet. Incensed at the economic takeover, America’s ethnic populations are killing each other. Bombs are blowing up buildings, buses and businesses. The President knows someone in his White House is manipulating the hatred. But who? He recruits Secret Service agent Dain Ryder, who served under him in the Marines, and Lian Chen, the mysterious woman from the People’s Republic of China, to join a covert team in a race against his enemies to find the answers. The winner will determine the fate of the President, and the fate of his nation.


Cheryl Colwell drops characters you love into stunning locations, where dark contemporary and historical occurrences summon them to action. Each novel takes you on an adventurous quest popping with mystery, romance, and suspense. Inspired by museum finds and historical events she unearths in the cities and countries she visits, her stories keep you guessing what is fact and what is fiction. And who dunnit.

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My Impressions:

Drawing from both fable and fact, Cheryl Colwell has created a political thriller that seems chillingly real. The America she envisions is a country divided along two lines — recent Chinese immigrants and their families and the rest of us. With a failing economy highlighted by foreclosures and bankruptcies, the nation faces a future of domination by China. Factions outside and within the government work clandestinely to affect a showdown that promises devastation for both the US and China.

The Land Lord is a a high-stakes, plot-driven novel.The action is fast-paced and the reader is kept off balance, never knowing just whom to trust. I found the many references to the Cultural Revolution in China interesting and informative, as were the legends of heroes and villains from Chinese history. The Land Lord offers the reader a number of starting points to explore — political and cultural. There are a couple of things I wished the author had expanded upon, namely the backstories of the characters and the economic/political climate of the US that led up to the crisis in the book. Although some things were mentioned, I felt that a bit more time spent setting the stage would have helped this reader have a point of reference for the story.

With a what-if premise that strikes close to home, The Land Lord is a suspense novel for those who like conspiracies and political intrigue.

Audience: adults.

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(Thanks to BookCrash for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine.)

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