Audiobook Review: The Masterpiece

12 Apr

New York Times bestselling author Francine Rivers returns to her romance roots with this unexpected and redemptive love story, a probing tale that reminds us that mercy can shape even the most broken among us into an imperfect yet stunning masterpiece.

A successful LA artist, Roman Velasco appears to have everything he could possibly want―money, women, fame. Only Grace Moore, his reluctant, newly hired personal assistant, knows how little he truly has. The demons of Roman’s past seem to echo through the halls of his empty mansion and out across his breathtaking Topanga Canyon view. But Grace doesn’t know how her boss secretly wrestles with those demons: by tagging buildings as the Bird, a notorious but unidentified graffiti artist―an alter ego that could destroy his career and land him in prison.

Like Roman, Grace is wrestling with ghosts and secrets of her own. After a disastrous marriage threw her life completely off course, she vowed never to let love steal her dreams again. But as she gets to know the enigmatic man behind the reputation, it’s as if the jagged pieces of both of their pasts slowly begin to fit together . . . until something so unexpected happens that it changes the course of their relationship ― and both their lives ― forever.

New York Times bestselling author Francine Rivers continues to win both industry acclaim and reader loyalty around the globe. Her numerous bestsellers include Redeeming Love, A Voice in the Wind, and Bridge to Haven, and her work has been translated into more than thirty different languages. She is a member of Romance Writers of America’s coveted Hall of Fame as well as a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). Visit Francine online at and connect with her on Facebook ( and Twitter (@FrancineRivers).


My Impressions:

Francine Rivers is hands down my book club’s favorite author. We were hooked by Redeeming Love, and have worked our way through most of her books as a group. Whenever a new novel comes out, we are there! Unfortunately, Rivers doesn’t produce a book (or two) a year, so we usually have to wait awhile. Fortunately, Rivers doesn’t produce a book (or two) a year, so the long-awaited novel is a carefully crafted masterpiece! That is what I have to call her latest book, because The Masterpiece really is a work of art that touched my heart in many ways. As always, this book is a very highly recommended read!

In The Masterpiece, the reader finds two very complex characters in Grace and Roman. Shaped in childhood by those closest to them and the traumas they experienced, the two have broken places that they have worked hard to overcome, while zealously guarding their hearts. Rivers tells their stories through a present day narrative periodically interrupted by flashbacks that reveal just who the two really are deep down. The technique was a bit jarring at first, but I soon waited expectantly for more to come. Grace and Roman are drawn to each other almost immediately, but their faith differences keep them apart. Grace will not start a relationship with an unbeliever, and Roman sees no need to pursue a God that, if He truly exists, is either uncaring or cruel. Then it happens  . . . . I won’t spoil it for you, but Roman’s experience is one of the most profound I have ever read. I listened to the audio version of The Masterpiece during my morning walks. When that scene played out, I had to stifle my gasps and quickly wipe away tears before the neighbors enquired what was wrong. 😉 I challenge you not to be moved by what Roman goes through. It is a scene I have thought about over and over. And while it was probably the pivotal point of the novel, there was much more to come for Grace and Roman. This book is a chunkster, and I loved every minute of it!

There is plenty to discuss in The Masterpiece, making it perfect for book clubs. Often my group never gets past whether we liked a book or not without further discussion. But I anticipate a very lively conversation when we meet. Now we have to impatiently wait for another from Rivers.

Very Highly Recommended.

Great for Book Clubs.

Audience: adults.

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(I purchased this book Audible. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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