Children’s Corner — Say Goodbye to The Grand Duchess of Greed

18 Oct

Join Bibleman and His Team as They Take on the Grand Duchess of Greed! 

“It’s MY money, and you can’t tell me what to do with it!” Uh-oh, sounds like somebody is having second thoughts about paying their pledge to the Youth Group Fundraiser — and Lila is a member of the group! That sparkling Greed-dust must have something to do with it. Bible story: Elijah & the Widow. Key verses: Matthew 6:1-4

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My Impressions:

Teaching your child about the value of generosity can be a daunting task in a world that is filled with the temptations of pretty stuff. B&H Kids have made it a bit easier with a Bibleman Adventure, Say Goodbye to The Grand Duchess of Greed. In this book suitable for elementary school-aged kids, Bibleman and the Bibleteam uncover a plot to turn generous kids into greedy kids. The Grand Duchess of Greed is disguised as a friendly little old lady, but her real desire is to tempt and deceive. Main character Lila learns her lesson with help from Bibleman, and so will your child! This easy to understand story can be used during family reading time or to develop your child’s reading skills. At the end, Bible verses are shared to explore what God says about being generous. Questions focus on developing the concepts shared in the story and scripture.

Both fun and instructive, Say Goodbye to The Grand Duchess of Greed is a recommended read!


Audience: school-aged children.

(Thanks to B&H Publishing for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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