Children’s Corner — The Great Missing Flag Caper

9 Oct

The most patriotic symbol of The United States of America is the flag. Imagine America Johnson’s surprise when she finally got picked to be on Flag detail at her school and her first day on the job the flag disappears! Where could it be? Who took it? Join the search with America and her classmates as they learn some interesting fun facts about “Old Glory” in The Great Missing Flag Caper! Warning . . .  the search takes a turn that’s so disturbing America turns down Mac n Cheese for dinner! Now that’s a big deal!



MaryTherese Grabowski is an award winning former TV journalist. Her years of covering the military, government and politics helped keep civics top of mind for this admitted Air Force brat. Her love of patriotism and talent as an emcee afforded her the opportunity to entertain our troops overseas for 15 years in the Operation Seasons Greetings morale tours. “MT” was the 2009 Spirit of Bob Hope Award nominee for the United States Air Force Reserve. Patriotism is deep rooted in her soul. The notion to write the Spirit of America patriotic children’s book series came about when she asked her young niece, “Can you tell me who makes up the presidents cabinet?” The response was “Why do I care who makes his furniture?” So, although humorous Grabowski realized we are missing kids at an earlier age teaching them the basics of civics which they are usually taught in tenth grade and that is two years before these students are eligible to vote.

Her fourth book is now available! The Great Missing Flag Caper has America Johnson soliciting help from her fellow students to find Old Glory. The flag detail found an empty closet one morning when they went to get the flag to raise it in front of the school. Find out all kinds of flag facts and etiquette in this patriotic adventure!

The first three books in this series of twenty-five to date are Liberty on the Loose in the White House, America By George, and Your Vote Counts – and they are available everywhere.

Grabowski and her illustrator Michelle Graham-Fricks are making this a “movement” to educate students earlier on the basics. “If you can take historical events and information and present them through creative story telling you just might hook these kids.” Grabowski’s main character America Johnson takes young readers on patriotic adventures that are fun and educational. Each book has a quiz at the end helping young patriots to not only be more prepared for that civics class down the road, it gives new birth to patriotic pride that seems to have been lost lately.

Be sure to visit WWW.SPIRITOFAMERICABOOKS.COM for more information on author/illustrator school visits, book signings and the newest in the patriotic adventures!

Grabowski is available for books signings, readings, speaking engagements and as an emcee.
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My Impressions:

One of my fondest memories is of my two sons participating in the lowering of the flag at Mount Vernon. They were so proud to be serving their country in that way! Sadly, patriotism and respect for our flag are at a downturn nowadays. So MaryTherese Grabowski’s 4th book in the Spirit of America series, The Great Missing Flag Caper, is especially timely. The book features the very patriotic America Johnson, an elementary school-aged girl who has been chosen for flag duty. She is bubbling over with enthusiasm as she shares her knowledge on the history of the American flag. When she reports for duty with 3 other kids, she gets a lesson on the rules that surround the handling of our flag. But the flag is missing and the kids go on a quest to discover just what happened. Fun illustrations accompany this fast-paced book. The facts of our flag are shared in an easily understood way with emphasis on pride in our country. The bit of mystery will keep young readers intrigued as well. I liked that the people depicted in the book are from diverse backgrounds too. There is a quick quiz shared at the end to reinforce what your child learns. All in all, this is a great book for children. It would be especially good for the classroom — public, private, or homeschool.


Audience: elementary school-aged children.

To purchase, click HERE.

(Thanks to BookCrash for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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  1. MaryTherese Grabowski October 10, 2017 at 7:51 pm #

    Thank you for this wonderful review !
    MaryTherese Grabowski

    • rbclibrary October 10, 2017 at 8:03 pm #

      You are welcome! I’d love to read more featuring America Johnson!

      • MaryTherese Grabowski October 10, 2017 at 8:27 pm #

        I would love to send you books 1-3!!
        Feel free to send me your mailing information , you can email it to me at

        I am enjoying reading your story😉
        Thank you for encouraging reading!!

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