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31 May



What’s better than a new Bibleman adventure? Two new Bibleman adventures!
When you open this Bibleman Flip-Over book, you’ll find two exciting stories and learn two lessons from God’s Word! Read about how the Bibleteam teaches obedience in Disabling the Disobey Ray. Then flip the book over to see them use faith to take on another villain in Lighting Up the Shadow of Doubt

1. Disabling the Disobey Ray (An Adventure in Obedience)
Let’s face it: Bibleman has a soft spot for Christian kids. And everybody knows it—including villain Luxor Spawndroth. So while it’s easy to lure the Bibleteam into rescuing kids in danger, the hard part for bad guys begins when the purple crew shows up. Will Bibleman be able to spot Luxor’s trap? Bible story: Adam & Eve. Key verse: Ephesians 6:1–2.

2. Lighting Up the Shadow of Doubt (An Adventure in Faith)
Cypher and Bibleman are going to jail!? Oh, they’re visiting some young men at a juvenile detention center. And Pastor Lewis is taking Logan there on Bible study day to visit his brother and meet Bibleman. Wait — who is that shadowy character in the waiting room? Bible story: Jesus & Peter Walk on Water. Key verse: John 8:12.


My Impressions: 

Keep your kids reading this Summer with the action-packed Bibleman Flip-Over Book featuring two stories inspired by God’s word. Especially good for elementary school-aged boys, this book has lots of superhero fun while pointing the reader to truth. The two stories, Disabling The Disobey Ray (obedience) and Lighting Up The Shadow of Doubt (faith) show Bibleman and the entire BibleTeam in action against the schemes of the bad guys. BibleMan always wins the day using weapons of truth. Each story begins with a Bible verse — a great way to reinforce Scripture memorization. Readers are then directed to read a passage of Scripture that the stories illustrate. There are several follow-up questions great for quiet reflection and sharing with the family. More verses are shared to further the quest for Bible truths. This book is a good way to introduce your kids to the spiritual warfare that surrounds the believer, with an emphasis on the power of God’s word and His Holy Spirit. Not scary in any way, its illustrations are those easy for kids to relate to and understand.

Whether your kids read this book on their own or it is used for family time, the Bibleman Flip-Over Book is a great addition to the family library.


Audience: kids ages 5-10.

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(Thanks to B&H Publishing for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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