Children’s Corner: The Bible Explorer’s Guide

22 May

The Bible Explorer’s Guide lets children come up close and personal with everyday life during Bible times through photos, maps, and illustrations illuminating, people, places, objects, and buildings of the Bible. What did Noah’s Ark really look like? Who was David and whom did he fight? How did 1st century citizens of Jerusalem live? Each two-page spread is filled with images that bring history alive and drawings that help bring life to people and places that we can only read about. With fascinating, brief text and full-color captivating images, this is a reference that kids will come back to again and again. A great addition to any home or school library.


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My Impressions:

When my kids were school-aged, I tried my best to keep them engaged in learning during their summer break. Camps, field trips, hands-on experiences, and, of course, reading, were mixed in with fun in the sun and lazy days. Though my reading plans were often met with resistance, all three of my kids love reading now, though they differ in their interests. And that’s where my review of The Bible Explorer’s Guide comes in. This book is a great resource to provide your kids with hours of engaging and world-expanding reading fun. The subtitle of this book for kids in the 3rd-6th grades is 1000 Amazing Facts And Photos — something to spark the interest in any kid, no matter their interests. They may even find a new passion to explore! While providing interesting information, maps, illustrations and archeological facts, it also provides a springboard for exploring God’s Word too. There are 35+ articles that follow scriptural chronology, both Old and New Testaments, as well as a Biblical timeline and Who’s Who in the Bible. From history and the natural world to the mystery of God’s plan, The Bible Explorer’s Guide is the perfect accompaniment for fun, this summer and throughout the year.


Audience: children in grades 3-6.

(Thanks to Zonderkidz for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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  1. Mary May 23, 2017 at 1:45 pm #

    Thanks for this Becky. This looks like something I will get for my grandson, who is 11. I think he will enjoy this.

    • rbclibrary May 23, 2017 at 4:18 pm #

      Great!! Hope he enjoys it!

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