Book Review: Fatal Accusation

3 Feb

51ys3rhhiplAttorney Olivia Murray hopes her life will get back to normal after a hard fought trial. But she soon finds out that the forces of evil have not given up their pursuit to win the hearts and minds of those in Windy Ridge.

An embezzling scandal breaks that rocks the community church to its core. The New Age groups are ready to declare victory when a high profile prosecutor files criminal charges against the local pastor. However, Olivia is not willing to give up on the community she’s come to love. She takes on the defense pro bono knowing it could destroy her career, but it’s a case that she is called to defend.

The battle will be fierce, but she’s not fighting it alone. Her friend and fellow attorney Grant Baxter is by her side. Olivia must use all the tools in her arsenal to combat those who seek to destroy the believers in the community. If Olivia can’t prove the pastor’s innocence, more than her career is on the line. The entire community of Windy Ridge could fall to the forces of darkness.

71l2nnpxbsl-_ux250_-pngRachel Dylan writes Christian fiction including inspirational romantic suspense for Love Inspired Suspense. She also writes the Danger in the Deep South series and the Windy Ridge Legal Thriller series. Trial & Tribulations is a 2016 Selah Awards Finalist. Rachel has practiced law for a decade and enjoys weaving together legal and suspenseful stories. She lives in Michigan with her husband and five furkids — two dogs and three cats. Rachel loves to connect with readers. You can find Rachel at


My Impressions:

The faith community of Windy Ridge is rocked by a seeming betrayal by Pastor Dan Light in Rachel Dylan’s latest legal thriller, Fatal Accusation. In this supernaturally-charged suspense novel, the reader is treated to twists and turns galore and fast-paced action. If you haven’t read book 1 in this series, Trial & Tribulation, make sure to do so first. The plot lines are continuous, so you’ll miss some really good stuff!

While the action in Fatal Accusation is front and center, characterization does not take a back seat. Olivia Murray is a great lead character — complex, with a strong faith foundation. Dylan uses her to show the power that God can exhibit through His people. Spiritual warfare is chillingly illustrated in this novel, but in a very realistic way. Perhaps that is why it makes such an impact on the reader. The battles between good and evil make this a thought-provoking page turner. I liked that Dylan resolved the legal fight Pastor Dan is involved in, but she leaves some plot lines dangling. There’s more than enough for another much anticipated book.

One theme I especially liked was the idea of God using our circumstances, both good and bad, to shape our lives and purpose. Pastor Dan finds himself in a difficult place, but realizes he is just where God wants him. That was a good reminder to me.

A quick read, Fatal Accusation is a good choice for fans of legal thrillers, and gets a recommended rating from me.


Audience: adults.

To purchase this book, click HERE. The Kindle version is just $3.99!

(Thanks to the author for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


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