Book Review: A Primary Decision

3 Jan

51zyycwehgl-_sx322_bo1204203200_Sarah Worthington never expected to become the US attorney general–at least not this early in her career. Plunged into the vicious vetting process, with all sides digging for secrets in her family closet, she steels herself for the path forward. Nothing will deter her from making her mark on the world in the biggest way possible — even if that means prosecuting the current president of the United States. Yet powerful forces conspire behind the scenes to take the Worthington family down, and the president orders her to close the investigation. Will she comply? Or turn the tables to pursue her ultimate dream — the US presidency?

mtl-kevinleman-610x305Kevin Leman is a psychologist and New York Times Bestselling Author of more than 52 books. He deals with topics that range from raising children and birth order to business and marriage.

Leman received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Arizona, where he later earned his master’s and doctorate degrees.

Leman has appeared on many radio and television programs, including The View with Barbara Walters, Today, Oprah, CBS’s The Early Show, Live with Regis Philbin, 100 Huntley Street, CNN’s American Morning, and Life Today with James Robison. Leman has served as a contributing family psychologist to Good Morning America.

He is the founder and president of Couples of Promise, an organization designed and committed to helping couples remain happily married. He is a founding faculty member of

He and his wife, Sande, live in Tucson, Arizona. They have 5 children.

51lslqllnxl-_ux250_Jeff Nesbit was director of public affairs for two federal science agencies. He was once profiled in The Wall Street Journal as one of the seven people who ended the Tobacco Wars. He was a journalist, communications director for Vice President Quayle, and the director of a strategic communications business for nearly 15 years. Now an executive director of Climate Nexus, he writes a weekly science blog for U.S. News & World Report. He lives in New York.


My Impressions:

Not sure how I missed that A Primary Decision is the concluding book in a 3-part series by Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit. I will blame it on brain fog from the very busy Christmas season that my family had. While it wasn’t difficult to get into this novel, there did seem to be some missing pieces to the story lines and character development. I am sure those things were adequately covered in books 1 sand 2, A Perfect Ambition and A Powerful Secret. I’ll have to go back and read those!

A Primary Decision focuses on the youngest sibling in the Worthington family. Sarah is a highly dedicated prosecutor, and as the novel opens, she is being vetted for the Attorney General position. Her family is known for its philanthropy and business acumen, but there are lots of secrets too that may bring Sarah and her powerful family down.

Kevin Leman is well-known for his birth order and family dynamics books. Those are the foundation to A Primary Decision. Paired with Jeff Nesbit’s political expertise, this book is a great view into personal dynamics, as well as the political machinations at the highest government levels. There is a bit of tension and suspense surrounding the revelations of the family secrets, and the political power struggles seem all too real. If you are ready for some more political drama, I recommend A Primary Decision. Just be sure to read books 1 and 2 of the series first. You don’t want to miss any of the intrigue and drama.


Audience: adults.

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(Thanks to Revell for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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