Audiobook Review: Lethal Beauty

11 May

549051It should have been an open and shut murder case, but Mia Quinn finds out nothing about it is simple.

After a young Chinese prostitute is stabbed to death by her rich American client, the tabloids dub Dandan Yee “Lethal Beauty”—despite the fact that she was the one who ended up dead. Yet even with double standards and naked prejudice working against her, Seattle prosecutor Mia Quinn is determined to get justice for Dandan Yee.

But when a key witness goes missing and an unsavory juror shuts down deliberations without explanation, Mia fears the trial—and the law—are being tampered with.

A constellation of fresh killings has Mia and homicide detective Charlie Carlson searching for a common source and puts Mia’s family in the crosshairs of a Chinese crime cabal. Meanwhile, Dandan Yee’s mother has opted to take matters into her own hands . . . and the stakes get more lethal overnight.

In the midst of all this, Mia has to contend with a fifteen-year-old son who is growing up too fast for his own good, and the idea that Charlie might want to be more than just friends. Can Mia and Charlie stop the murders and still keep her family safe? Or is the very act of seeking justice enough to cost her everything—and everyone—she loves?


568299Lis Wiehl is one of the nation’s most prominent trial lawyers and highly regarded commentators. Currently, she is the legal analyst and reporter on the Fox News Channel and Bill O’Reilly’s sparring partner in the weekly “Is It Legal?” segment on The O’Reilly Factor. Prior to that she was O’Reilly’s co-host on the nationally syndicated show The Radio Factor. She is also a Professor of Law at New York Law School. Her column “Lis on Law” appears weekly on

Prior to joining Fox News Channel in New York City, Wiehl served as a legal analyst and reporter for NBC News and NPR’s All Things Considered. Before that, Wiehl served as a Federal Prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s office.

Wiehl earned her Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School and her Master of Arts in Literature from the University of Queensland.

Wiehl is also the author of The 51% Minority, which won the 2008 award for Books for a Better Life in the motivational category, and Winning Every Time.

She lives with her husband and two children in New York.

My Impressions:

Lethal Beauty is the third installment in Lis Wiehl’s Mia Quinn Mystery series. I have listened to all three books on audio and have enjoyed them all. Running throughout the series is the mystery behind Seattle prosecutor Mia Quinn’s husband’s death. This fact and the ongoing impact on Mia’s personal and professional life from the loss of her husband makes me recommend that you begin at the beginning. Otherwise you will miss some crucial pieces to the story.

The action begins in the courtroom. Mia is concluding a highly publicized murder trial in which the victim has been dubbed by the press as the Lethal Beauty. Forces are working behind the scenes to achieve a certain outcome. But as always, Mia is determined to see justice served. On the personal front, Mia’s family continues to deal with the void her husband Scott’s death has caused. Evil continues to creep at the door.

Wiehl’s novel deals with some tough issues and truths in the not so pretty world we live in. Crime rings which deal in drugs, prostitution, human smuggling, and enslavement are the focus of Lethal Beauty. Their tentacles are far-reaching and more often than not are not recognized by law-abiding citizens. Even as a prosecutor, Mia is unaware of what really goes on behind the scenes of seemingly legitimate businesses. The seedy underworld encroaches on middle America with little warning. On a more personal front, Mia’s character, still struggling with grief and betrayal, portrays an all too familiar reality. Her family life consists of ordering pizza, making food from boxes and rushing the kids to school and daycare as she struggles to meet professional obligations. Mia’s non-existent spiritual life continues to be challenged, and her mind and heart open ever so slowly. Mia has a lot more growing to do, and I hope there are more books to follow.

I recommend Lethal Beauty (and the first two books in the series) to all who like realism in their suspense novels. The characters, though flawed, are relatable. The crimes are ugly, but exit in our country. And the truth that is presented is available to all.


Audience: adults.

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(I purchased the audiobook from Audible. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)


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