Book Review: Test of Faith

13 Aug

733265Elle Butler has managed to hold on to her politically-driven husband and her secrets until the unexpected happens. When one phone call rips her world apart, Elle will have to decide if the truth is worth the consequences. Especially when it threatens to destroy the world she’s so carefully built around her life and her marriage.



UnknownA true Southern woman who knows any cook worth her gumbo always starts with a roux and who never wears white after Labor Day, Christa Allan writes women’s fiction, stories of hope and redemption. Her upcoming novel, A Test of Faith is scheduled to release in March of 2014. Threads of Hope, one of the books in Abingdon’s Quilt Series, released in March (2013). Walking on Broken Glass (2010) and The Edge of Grace (2011) were also published by Abingdon. Love Finds You in New Orleans (Summerside Press) released in 2012.

Christa is the mother of five, grandmother of three, and recently retired after teaching twenty-five years of high school English. She and her husband Ken live in New Orleans in a home older than their combined ages.


My Impressions:

Test of Faith by Christa Allan is my book club’s August selection. If you have read this novel, please let me know what you thought.

Elle Butler has a secret that she thinks will never need to be disclosed, even as her husband Logan begins his campaign for State Representative. But an unforeseen tragedy exposes the long hidden truth with repercussions felt in her marriage, relationships and her husband’s political future. Elle gave up faith long ago and is not sure what to expect from God — can she trust that He will be there for her?

Test of Faith is another great book from Christa Allan. I love how she takes difficult subjects and personalizes them with flawed and very real characters. This is the greatest strength of the novel. Some characters, like Elle’s sister, shine. You just have to love her support and wisdom throughout Elle’s life. Others, like those in real life, disappoint with their hardness and unforgiveness. And others will surprise you, making you smile at the revelation of their true colors. Test of Faith also elicited many emotions too. I was in turn mad, frustrated and touched. The faith journey that Elle takes is true to life as well. I liked how she reached out to God even though those who represented Him had let her down.

I can’t wait for our group’s discussion. I know we will be have a lot to talk about — judgmental attitudes, forgiveness, sanctity of life. I loved this book and think my group will too.


Great for Book Clubs.

Audience: Adults.

(I bought this book for my Kindle. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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