Book Review: Simple Faith

28 May

291412After losing her beloved husband and daughter and surviving Hitler’s Sobibor death camp, Quaker widow Anja Steinberg dedicates her life to helping others and keeping her son safe. As a member of the resistance, she helps displaced Allied airmen get back to their units in England. The journey is rigorous and filled with danger and there is no time for romance. Then American Peter Trent parachutes into her life. She must face facts—her heart did not die with her late husband and true love could be hers again. But will a romance hurt Peter’s chance of escape from the Nazis—and endanger her life as well?



AnnaSchmidtAnna Schmidt is a three-time finalist for the coveted RITA award presented annually by Romance Writers of America. Her novel A SISTER’S FORGIVENESS gives Anna her fourth finalist honor for the Reviewers’ Choice Awards from Romantic Times magazine. She has won that award twice before. Anna is the author of over twenty-five works of historical and contemporary fiction including her most recent series—THE PEACEMAKERS – set in World War II.  All God’s Children was released last fall and tells the story of Beth—an American Quaker trapped in Nazi Germany where she finds herself fall in love with Josef—a young German medical student who is determined to save his beloved homeland from Hitler’s oppressive regime. Publisher’s Weekly had high praise for the novel noting that “The activities of the White Rose resistance group, as well as the prisoner uprising at the Sobibor concentration camp, are more than simple historical context. Schmidt seamlessly integrates these actual events, and the courageous real-life individuals who fought against Hitler’s regime, with her fictional characters and their story, to produce a strong tale of hope and love in the face of insurmountable obstacles.” Her current release is the inspirational historical romance, Simple Faith.


My Impressions:

Simple Faith, book 2 in Anna Schmidt’s The Peacemakers series, presents an interesting look at the work of people of faith in the midst of the horror of WWII. Set in Belgium, France and Spain, the novel continues the story of Anja that began in book 1, All God’s Children. It can, however, be read as a standalone. Filled with daring adventure, suspense and romance, Simple Faith is a recommended read for those who like historical romance set during WWII.

Peter Trent is an American airman forced to parachute from the disabled bomber he serves on. Behind enemy lines, Peter struggles to survive his initial landing. Found by the young son of Anja Jensen, Peter is rescued and set into the escape line run by Anja. But the Gestapo is on his trail and determined to find not only Peter, but to bring in those responsible for the running of the escape line. Fighting their growing attraction, Peter and Anja flee Belgium and start on their trek to Spain and freedom. But of course, there are lots of dangers awaiting them and others who fight for freedom.

Simple Faith is foremost a plot-driven romance with elements of suspense and danger for the characters. The romance is somewhat predictable, but the story of the escape lines providing its foundation is fascinating. Like the Underground Railroad used to transport slaves to freedom in the United States, escape lines operated in Europe allowing American, Canadian and British airman to return to England. The sacrifice that the local people made to protect the Allied forces is a story that needed to be told. These people risked everything, including torture and death, to make sure that strangers would live. Another interesting feature of the novel is Anja’s Quaker faith. A pacifist, she looks for the Light in all she meets, including those who are her enemies. She is called to do her part to stop the Nazis.The Society of Friends or Quakers rely on silence to find the will of God and I found this a powerful image of God’s voice to His people. I was surprised, though, that while there were many references to God and the Light, there was never any direct mention of Jesus. There also seemed to be a universalist bent to the faith portrayed by the characters.

If you like a book filled with historical detail, an interesting story, romance and likable characters then Simple Faith is a good book for you.


(Thanks to Shiloh Press and Pump Up Your Book for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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