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5 Jul

442385_w185Dr. Lilly Reeves is a young, accomplished ER physician with her whole life ahead of her. But that life instantly changes when she becomes the fifth victim of a serial rapist. Believing it’s the only way to recover her reputation and secure peace for herself, Lilly sets out to find–and punish–her assailant. Sporting a mysterious tattoo and unusually colored eyes, the rapist should be easy to identify. He even leaves what police would consider solid evidence. But when Lilly believes she has found him, DNA testing clears him as a suspect. How can she prove he is guilty, if science says he is not?

Jordyn-382a-199x300Jordyn Redwood has served patients and their families for nearly 20 years and currently works as a pediatric ER nurse. As a self professed medical nerd and trauma junkie, she was drawn to the controlled chaotic environments of critical care and emergency nursing. Her love of teaching developed early and she was among the youngest CPR instructors for the American Red Cross at the age of seventeen. Since then, she has continued to teach advanced resuscitation classes to participants ranging from first responders to MD’s.

When she discovered she also had a fondness for answering medical questions for authors, this led to the creation of Redwood’s Medical Edge. This blog is devoted to helping contemporary and historical authors write medically accurate fiction.

Jordyn lives in Colorado with her husband, two daughters and one crazy hound dog. In her spare time she also enjoys reading her favorite authors, quilting and cross stitching.

Jordyn loves to hear from her readers and you can contact her at

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My Impressions:

It was my great pleasure to be a judge of the mystery/thriller category of the Inspy Awards. We had some really great books to read, and the decision was not easy. Proof, Jordyn Redwood’s debut novel, was one of the books. An interesting premise, great characters, and twisting plot made it a great choice for the shortlist.

Lilly Reeves is an ER doctor who is targeted by a serial rapist. Although he has some very distinguishable characteristics, the police have come up with no suspects. But the other victims are being killed when the rapist finds they are pregnant. Lilly is determined to find out just who her attacker is and to keep him from harming her and her unborn child.

I liked the way Proof presented an intriguing puzzle surrounding DNA testing. Usually seen as infallible, there are certainly some exceptions presented in this novel. Lilly is a strong character despite her flaws. She is also a character without a belief in God, making her spiritual development interesting and intriguing. The surprises keep coming in this book too, keeping the reader on his/her toes.

If you like medical puzzles and page-turning suspense, check out Proof. You can also read my review of the second book from Redwood, Poison, by clicking HERE.

Highly Recommended.

Great for Book Clubs.

(I bought Proof for my Kindle. The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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  1. Brenda July 5, 2013 at 8:36 pm #

    I read book two in this series and really want to go back and read this one.

    • rbclibrary July 5, 2013 at 8:47 pm #

      I actually liked book 1 better. Looking forward to book 3 due out this fall.

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