Page Turners — July Selection

13 Jun

513+zoickjL._AA160_High School is the anvil we are all beaten on… Thomas Wolfe

In the early morning light, the Parker High School football field looked like an unmade bed, rumpled and stained from a night of lust. All the fans are gone and only the garbage remained. One disturbing piece of refuse lay near the end zone, the disfigured body of a man who experienced the ultimate “penalty.” The school librarian Anna Hunt Kilner is first on the scene by virtue of her parking space. She lets the paramedics on the field, and because they are ex-students, she manages to ride along.

Soon the crime scene is in tumult, allowing Anna the opportunity to notice an oddly placed class ring. From research in the library archives, she becomes the first to discover that the initials ETS on 1971 class ring stand for Elwood Thomas Spangler or Tom Spangler. Tom Spangler, a 1971 graduate, was class president and most likely to succeed. And succeed he did: he married the banker’s pretty daughter, brokered successful land deals that made him rich, was the president of the Sunday school class and prominent in every other civic or social event in Parker Georgia. 

However, Tom’s success was most often at the expense of others. It appears that there isn’t a commandment he has missed breaking or a friend he has either betrayed or been willing to… Now as an interstate route is about to enrich the post Civil War black community; things have become deathly. Anna and her current students, Lonzo Mathers, the grandson of Dr. Mathers a prominent black community leader, KC Weaver the daughter of a rough and ready machinist will join with her past students in solving the mystery. Those other past students are now the town’s doctors, lawyers, filling station attendants and most important Bobby East, the investigating detective. Although her present and former students and their parents are from all social levels and colors the one place they have in common is Parker High School. And it is here that a bloody jersey will lead to an armed standoff and some murderous answers.

My church book club, Page Turners, will be hosting the author of The Anvil, Suzanne Lay, at our July meeting. She is a hometown author who is the former librarian at the local high school. This will be a fun time to learn about her writing process and the real life people behind the fiction.

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