Book Review: Miracle on Snowbird Lake

23 Apr

lg-9781937756673A gripping and original novel of suspense, Miracle On Snowbird Lake took First Place honors in Deep River Books’ 2012 Writer’s Contest in the fiction category. In a small town, in the shadow of the Adirondack Mountains, pastor Robert Davis’s daughter is abducted.

After everyone else gives up, Pastor Davis goes on searching tirelessly—not only for his daughter, but for a God from whom he demands answers. Can his faith, family, and ministry survive the darkest places of the soul? When tragedy strikes, is love the one gift that empowers courage to face the very gates of hell?

Through menacing twists and turns, this fast-paced read will keep you on the edge of your seat and take you to the far side of God’s providence, as you follow the relentless journey of a man who refuses to give up hope.

Stan_Bednarz-254x300At the end of January, 2012, just two days before the deadline of the Deep River Books Writer’s Contest, Stan Bednarz said a prayer and hit send. Little did he know that his manuscript submission would become a judges favorite; one that would catapult his novel to the top of the heap. With nearly 450 entries that year, Stan’s writing landed him the grand prize of a royalty based publishing contract with Carmichael Publishing (the parent company of Deep River Books), and a book release a year later (January 2013). “Powerful and gripping,” according to NY Times Best Seller Tim Green, Miracle on Snowbird Lake is a novel that is proving to be a “Shack-like” suspense gaining momentum.

His winning comes as no surprise to Stan’s growing fan base from sites such as where he was the Editor’s Top Ten Pick three times for his short stories advancing him to a Mastery Level qualifier. He was also nominated by fans six times in a one-year span at for the Book Chapter of the Month award; a site where he took 2nd Place as a new arrival for his short stories.

My Impressions:

Child abduction is a hard subject to write and maybe a harder subject to read. Miracle on Snowbird Lake is the second book I have read this year focusing on a parent’s reaction to that situation.  Stan Bednarz’s offering is a story that resonates the truth, the anguish and the horror of the nightmare of every parent. The book opens with the last few moments that Robert spends with his daughter Annie. The rest of the book follows his search for truth, justice and perhaps vengeance. It is also a book about what faith looks like in the face of terrible circumstances.

Is God silent in the aftermath of tragedy? Or are we just too shell-shocked to hear His voice? Miracle on Snowbird Lake examines this. It also looks at a life and spirit that refuses to bend to evil, but chooses to continue to live a selfless life. This is a debut novel, so there are a few wrinkles in the telling, but by and large it portrays emotions and reactions realistically. Its strength lies in the vivid description of the world surrounding the action. It really is an atmospheric novel.

I expect and look forward to more stories from Stan Bednarz.


(I received this book from Bring It On! Communications in return for a review. The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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