Book Review: Firefly Island

26 Feb

FireflyIslandSometimes love takes you on an adventure completely off the map.

Mallory Hale’s life quickly veers off course when she falls hopelessly in love. After a whirlwind romance, Mallory finds herself leaving the bustle and action of Capitol Hill for the remote town of Moses Lake, Texas–with husband, stepson, and a U-Haul in tow.

A sweet, mishap-filled journey into marriage, motherhood, and ranch living ensues, and Mallory is filled with both the wonderment of love and the insecurities of change. But what she can’t shake is the unease she feels around her husband’s new boss, Jack West. Jack’s presence–and his mysterious past–set her on edge, and when hints of a scandal emerge, Mallory finds herself seeking answers . . . and comes to realize that the middle-of-nowhere home she wasn’t sure she wanted is the very place she’ll risk everything to save.

lisawingatepubpic1Lisa Wingate is a popular inspirational speaker, magazine columnist, and national bestselling author of several books, including Tending Roses, Talk of the Town, Blue Moon Bay, and Larkspur Cove, which won the 2011 Carol Award for Women’s Fiction. Lisa and her family live in central Texas. Visit

My Impressions:

I want to live in Moses Lake! But since it is a fictional town, I will be content to just visit. Lisa Wingate has written another winner in her Moses Lake series. (Click on the following titles for my reviews of the other books in the series: Larkspur Cove and Blue Moon Bay). In Firefly Island, Mallory Everson is new at everything — Texas and specifically Moses Lake, marriage, and motherhood. Just a month before arriving in Texas, Mallory was a single, legislative assistant in DC. After being swept off her feet by husband Daniel and his 3 year old son Nick, Mallory finds herself in the middle of nowhere asking herself what did she get herself into. Her new home is infested with vermin of every sort, her husband’s new boss is demanding and a bit scary and the people of Moses Lake are welcoming, but not like those she has encountered before. Determined to make a go of her situation, Mallory plunges in with dedication and conviction. Her new friends share their reliance on God, and Mallory begins to seek Him in her day to day struggles. But Firefly Island, part of the West Ranch she now lives on, holds secrets to past betrayals and present danger. Mallory tackles that as well and finds herself caring a lot more for the place she has reluctantly called home.

If you are a fan of Wingate’s Moses Lake series, you will be happy with the reappearance of favorite characters from previous books — Doc and Sheila, the Docksiders, Len and Birdie. But the characters of Mallory and Nick really steal the show here. I loved them! Mallory’s attempts at adapting are humorous and heartfelt. Instead of wimping out, she takes on marriage and motherhood and mice with equal enthusiasm. And who wouldn’t love Nick with his blond curls and sweet nature, even if a few snotty humzingers occur? The mystery that surrounds Daniel’s boss — his past and present — add a wonderful tension to the book and keep the pages turning.

All in all, I highly recommend Firefly Island. If you are new to Moses Lake, it can be read as a standalone, but I would start with book 1 (Larkspur Cove) and proceed to book 2 (Blue Moon Bay) first. You don’t want to miss any time you can spend in this wonderful little part of Texas.

Highly Recommended.

(I received Firefly Island from LitFuse in return for an honest review. The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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