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3 Aug

July was a busy month for me — 2 weekends at the beach (one in Florida and one in Alabama) and a 3 day whirlwind trip to Orlando for the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS)!  Whew!  You get worn out having fun, but I think I am fully recovered now.  During my time in Orlando, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with some wonderful authors.  Over the next few weeks, I will be posting some of the highlights from these meetings.

Catherine Zoller, speaker and now children’s book author, shared a little about herself and her ministry.  Catherine had an unsettled childhood.  Very hyperactive and easily distracted, she had trouble in school and at home.  During her teenage years she got into deeper trouble and eventually was turned over to the court system by her parents.  Her aunt and uncle finally stepped in and gave her a home and structure.  (You can read more of her story HERE.)  Eventually she gave her life to God, but the road was not always smooth.  Catherine felt she was called to the missions field, yet was turned down by a missions group.  She reacted by getting mad at God.  Later she became pregnant and felt that she had blown her chance to serve God.   But as she says, God redeems everything from losses to squandered opportunities.  Catherine now has a speaking ministry in which she shares all that God has brought her through.  Her motto: make ’em laugh, make ’em cry, make ’em think and change their lives! describes her style.  Catherine says that she talks about tough subjects that includes a very emotional journey. She says she uses laughter to reach the right counterbalance.  Catherine shares about God’s redemption and challenges her audience to think about what needs to be redeemed in their own lives.

In addition to her speaking ministry, Catherine has ventured into writing children’s books.  The Rhyme and Reason series began as a show and tell at her Bible study group.  Called upon to share what they had learned during the year, Catherine came up with a rhyming story detailing the entire book of Genesis. It was an instant hit with the ladies of her Bible study and the suggestion was made to turn it into a children’s book.  What took her 3 hours to write, took 13 years to publish.  But the Rhyme and Reason series is now a reality. Slated to include 26 books issued as pairs, the series now includes Genesis and Matthew (Beginnings) and Exodus and Acts (Going Out).  Often compared to Dr. Seuss, Catherine has created a sure fire hit with kids. The rhymes are catchy and the illustrations (by Mr. Sketches) are colorful and often times laugh out loud funny!  In the story of feeding the 5000, the little boy is holding a Fish N Bread Kids Meal box! Highlighting every story in the subject book, the result is an engaging way to get kids familiar with the word of God.  Adults will also appreciate the stories and illustrations; there is something for everyone in the pages of the books.

Catherine has 10 books completed and is looking forward to getting them all published.  There is even some interest in getting the books translated into other languages, so the mission field Catherine was once denied, is looking a little different, but still what God called her to long ago.

If you are interested in getting these books for your children, grandchildren or church library, click HERE.  And check out the following YouTube video for a glimpse into the Rhyme and Reason series.


Catherine Zoller was a delight to talk to.  And I want to thank her for taking time to meet with me.


(I received a copy of Matthew:  The Rhyme and Reason series from the author.  All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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