Book Review: Son of A Soldier

27 Jul

Son of a Soldier is the powerful story of how God used one unlikely, country girl to change the course of history. It seemed impossible to believe that an eighteen-year-old girl from the middle-of-nowhere, Tennessee would have any real significance in the history of our nation…that is until God chose her to make a Godly man out of a flawed, military hero’s stubborn son.

Hailey was a small town, farm girl who had never left her home state of Tennessee. She was a naïve tomboy who possessed an unassuming charm, the power of which she could not comprehend.

Grant was a rebellious Army brat who had seen the world. Glib, sarcastic and self-destructive, he was a loner lost in a world he had never felt he fit into.

They seemingly had little in common, but when two hearts collided, two worlds became one; while Hailey embarks on a beautiful journey of self-discovery in this unique coming-of-age story, Grant travels a winding, dirt road that helps him rediscover a lost innocence and discover a renewed purpose.

Aiken Brown graduated summa cum laude from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. She is the author of In a Brother’s Eyes: the Brant McLachlan Story (2005), For Such a Time as This (2007) and Son of a Soldier (2012). Aiken’s book are available at all major booksellers and in Kindle, Nook and other ebook formats! Learn more about Aiken Brown’s books at and become a fan at

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My Impressions:

What can I say about Aiken Brown’s Son of A Soldier?  It is a coming of age novel, a story about the triumph of love and faith, a book that inspires, entertains and leaves you wanting more.  When I first got the book in the mail, I was a bit overwhelmed.  600+ pages!  That can be really looong if the book isn’t good.  But thankfully, this is a beautifully written novel with engaging characters and a storyline that I could not get enough of.

Grant is the youngest son of a 4 star general who lives and breathes West Point. His mother is a small town Southern girl who wants nothing more than to give her children the childhood she had.  But there are many tragedies in the Cohen family, and Grant grows up in the shadows of innocence lost and dreams unfulfilled.  A handsome and charming genius that speaks 8 languages fluently and tests perfectly on the ACT and SAT, Grant still feels like he will never measure up.  So to deal with his sense of inadequacy, Grant becomes the black sheep, making sure that he will disappoint a father he so desperately wants approval from.  When his family is torn apart in his 18th year, Grant is whisked away to his mother’s hometown, population 87.  What he expects to find and what he gets are two very different things.

I really liked Grant’s character.  He is gifted beyond imagination both physically and intellectually.  He is worldly wise, yet missing the most important knowledge there is.   The other characters are well-developed — exhibiting both the good and bad, the wisdom and faults that are so real.

I don’t know if Brown is going to write a sequel to Son of A Soldier, but if she is, I am there to sign up.  What seemed liked a daunting 600 pages, was a story I did not want to end.

Highly Recommended.

(I received Son of A Soldier from Pump Up Your Book in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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