Book Review: Robin: Lady of Legend

22 Mar

What if Robin Hood wasn’t the man you thought him to be—what if he wasn’t a man at all?

Robin of Locksley is young, headstrong, and about to receive the worst birthday present of her life. Still struggling to define herself in a society that believes women are fit for little more than governing a household and bearing children, she balks at her father’s plans for her future, but the consequences of her rebellion prove deadly. Hunted by both her father and the Sheriff, Robin is forced to hide her identity and seek refuge as an outlaw in Sherwood Forest.

Disguised as a lad for protection, Robin maintains a careful isolation from the world around her…until she chances upon a young boy being beaten to death by the Sheriff’s soldiers. Her rescue of the youth marks the beginning of her leadership in Sherwood forest and of the unfortunates who seek refuge therein. Robin’s endeavors to provide a life of honor and purpose for her people while aiding the land’s downtrodden win her high esteem, but enrage the Sheriff of Nottingham, who plots a deadly fate for her and her band.

As the Sheriff’s traps close in around her and assassins seek to bring her down, Robin must risk losing love, leadership, and life if she is to save her people and fulfill her destiny as one of history’s greatest heroes.


Ever since she could hold a pen, R.M. ArceJaeger has been writing stories. Over the years, these tales have run the gamut from campfire horror stories to salacious romances to fantasy epics. However, she particularly adores twisting classic tales in directions that no one has ever thought of before. Her novel, Robin: Lady of Legend, is a remarkable reinvention of the mythos of Robin Hood that takes the classic tale in an entirely fresh direction.


  • California Arts Scholar: Creative Writing (2005)
  • B.S. Computer Science (with Distinction)

Last Name Pronunciation: R-C-jay-grr


My Impressions:

Robin: Lady of Legend follows the Robin Hood legend pretty faithfully.  The characters of Maid Marian, Little John, Will Scarlet and of course the notorious Sheriff of Nottingham are all present.  But there is a distinctive twist to this story — Robin is actually a young woman!  R M ArcJaeger has written a tale that will appeal to young adult readers, especially young women looking for a strong and heroic female character.

The book begins with an 18 year old Robin, more suited to outdoor pursuits such as archery than embroidery, being forced to marry the Sheriff of Nottingham. Her father had proclaimed it to be so and nothing Robin does will dissuade him. So she does the only natural thing — she disguises herself as a young man and runs away.  Aided by her cousin Will, Robin makes it into the Sherwood Forest without detection.  But soon she is outlawed when she kills one of the Sheriff’s men to save the life of another.  Forced to survive on her own, Robin takes on the challenge.  But soon she has visitors to her sylvan glade — others outlawed or driven off their lands by the cruel Sheriff.  A band of Merry Men is formed with Robin as the leader.  She maintains their loyalty with fair dealings and a high moral code.  Remember rob from the rich and give to the poor!  Her followers never suspect her true identity, proof that people see only what they want.

Things get complicated for Robin when she begins to fall in love with Little John. She also becomes more and more reckless with her dealings with the Sheriff. But remember this is the stuff of legends, and the book has a happy ending, along with a loose end that could lead to another book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the legends of Robin Hood or to a young woman looking for a brave and endearing female character.  Those looking for adventure and daring will sure to like Robin: Lady of Legend.



(I received Robin: Lady of Legend from the author in exchange for a review.  The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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    I love robin hood very much. This story is very nice.

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