Book Review: The Reluctant Prophet

15 Dec

Allison Chamberlain isn’t much different from other women her age. Forty-something, she still hasn’t quite figured out what she wants to be when she grows up. All that changes when, minding her own business during an ordinary church service, she senses a divine nudge from God. And it’s not a typical call from God, either.

Allison suddenly finds herself looking at Harleys and actually taking the steps to have one of her own. In the first book of her new series, The Reluctant Prophet, popular author and speaker Nancy Rue takes readers on the ride of their lives to places only the brave dare to go.


Nancy Rueis the author of over 100 books for adults and teens, including Healing Waters, which was a 2009 Women of Faith Novel of the Year, and has recently been named an ECPA 2010 Christian Book Award Finalist. Nancy travels extensively-at times on the back of a Harley Davidson-speaking and teaching to groups of `tween girls and their moms and mentoring aspiring Christian authors. She lives on a lake in Tennessee with her Harley-ridin’ husband Jim and their two yellow labs (without whom writing would be difficult.)

My Impressions:

The Reluctant Prophet by Nancy Rue is a book that will make you think, examine and think again.  If you have ever wondered is this all there is in relation to your life as a Christian, this book is for you.  Allison Chamberlain has never really finished anything.  She has been sitting in a pew and attending a small group for about seven years, but she does wonder is this all there is.  That is until God nudges her off the pew and her comfort zone and onto a Harley and into the lives of people that can only be described as unlovely and unloveable.  But God sees them as His wonderful creation worthy because of His love for them.  And soon Allison sees them that way herself.

Called to care for bedraggled and clearly dying prostitutes, Allison dives in with an unexpected enthusiasm and determination.  She faces a lot of obstacles along the way.  From vicious pimps, to the demons of drug addiction and unfortunately from her own church.  But she picks up some unusual support along the way:  the members of the local Harley club and specifically a local biker/attorney and a former army chaplain.  And she comes to love others in a way that can only be called God-ordained.

The Reluctant Prophet is real — it will have you laughing and crying.  It will also have you thinking I want more than what I already have in my life with Christ.  And best of all it is the first book of a series, so there is some great reading ahead.

Highly Recommended.

(I received The Reluctant Prophet from the publisher.  The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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