You Might Be Interested In . . . The Milk And Honey Man

16 Aug

I picked up The Milk And Honey Man at the Heart of The Authors luncheon at the ICRS in July.  Take a look at the book and author links and decide for yourself if you might be interested in it.   (I have not read this book,)

The Milk and Honey Man
Happened to Them…Written for Us

Do you know…
That God wants to have a lasting relationship with you where you will be blessed — where you will experience victory?

Did you know…
That what happened to the Israelites in the Book of Exodus

• Was written as an example for Christians today,
• And was written for our instruction?

Did you know…
That what happened to the Israelites in the Book of Exodus

• Was a “TYPE” giving us a prophecy of what would happen to us, and
• Was a “TYPE” giving us a picture of what would happen to us?

Do you know…
The three thresholds to be crossed in becoming A Milk and Honey Man?


The Milk and Honey Man explains how certain events in Israel’s history foreshadow steps in the Christian life today. The pilgrimage of the Israelites is a picture of what happens to believers as they progress in the Christian walk. In easy-to-understand language, William Troth examines Old Testament types and shadows. Using the Bible, the thoughts of experts, and his own research, he helps believers understand principles and truths that Old Testament saints never could have grasped because the Messiah had not yet come. The Milk and Honey Man features twenty-one diagrams, including four chronological maps that point to three thresholds in the Christian walk. Every Christian must cross these thresholds in order to experience the victorious Christian life that leads to loving the Lord and being free from the law. The author’s careful application enables believers to gain a rich understanding of what it means to embrace the life of milk and honey—a symbol of God’s best.
When William Troth’s job relocated him around the country, he not only changed communities, but he also joined a new church everywhere he went. He was even asked to be a church elder before he knew Christ personally. It wasn’t until he was thirty-six years old that he realized Jesus Christ had gone to the cross for him. Upon that realization, Bill was converted from being a “church attender” to one who personally trusted in Jesus Christ as his Savior.He promptly began to study the Bible and learned truths he previously had not understood. After two and a half years, he and his family were baptized. He also began taking business customers to lunch and telling them about Jesus. As Bill continued to study the Bible, he learned from Romans 12:1 the importance of committing to Jesus as Lord and trusting Him as our Life from Galatians 2:20, John 14:6, and Colossians 3:3-4.

When Bill learned, through several ministries and numerous books, about the victorious Christian life, he was motivated to examine biblical truths on the subject. Of particular interest to him were Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 10 about how the experiences of the Israelites were recorded as an example for us today. It seemed to Bill like a previously unexamined Scripture, so he researched and wrote The Milk and Honey Man to share his understanding of the route to blessings the Lord desires for all believers.

William Troth received his four-year Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and was ordained to serve in the gospel ministry. He has served vocationally as associate pastor, pastor, vice president for a Christian literature ministry, and as Christian counselor.
Bill and his wife, Helene, have been married for fifty years and live in Decatur, Alabama. They have two children and five grandchildren.

I received this book compliments of WinePress Publishing at the Heart of The Author’s luncheon event at the ICRS in Atlanta, Georgia  in July.

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  1. Melanie August 16, 2011 at 8:51 am #

    Sounds fascinating! I love books that take the Word of God and break it done a bit more for me with visuals!

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