You Might Be Interested . . . 90 Minutes In Heaven

27 Jul

A True Story of Death and Life

The victim of a horrendous car crash, Don Piper was pronounced dead at the scene. At least 90 minutes after the EMTs found no signs of life, Don came back to life with only the memory of inexpressible heavenly bliss. 90 Minutes in Heaven shares what he experienced while in heaven and through the recovery following his accident.

Don Piper has been an ordained minister since 1985. He has been covered by numerous media outlets including Newsweek, “The Today Show,” “The 700 Club,” “At Home Live,” and TBN’s “Praise the Lord.” Piper leads conferences and retreats in the United States and abroad.

Don Piper and his wife, Eva, live near Houston, TX. They have a daughter, Nicole, and twin sons, Chris and Joe.

I have not read 90 Minutes in Heaven.  Check out the author’s and book’s websites and decide for yourself if this book is for you.

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