You Might Be Interested . . . Your Money & Your Life

14 Jul

Need help with money matters?  Who doesn’t in today’s economy. Mark Ashe has written a book that purports to be “A Guide To Building Character and Capital“.  So take a look, you may find just the help you need.

Each page is brimming with common sense lessons and easy to apply wisdom for living a fuller, richer and more blessed life.

This is a roadmap to lasting prosperity and emotional peace for the new century! The lessons contained in this book are timeless and immediately useful to every generation, and you will find no other resource quite like it.

It holds important tips for

  • Handling money wisely
  • Facing today’s economic issues
  • Investing with intelligence
  • Increasing income
  • Overcoming fears
  • Building confidence
  • Cultivating character
  • Using sense in business dealings
  • Succeeding in building your own business
  • Making the right marriage decision
  • Avoiding dangers
  • Protecting your assets

…And much more.

Mark Ashe left police work in 1985 in a quest to achieve the American dream of financial independence. With only a high-school education and little in the way of qualifications for business, he built one of Atlanta’s prominent home improvement companies and was financially independent by his mid-forties.

(I received this book from Ambassador International.)

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