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28 Jun

I have a lot of books on my review list, so I thought I would give you a peek into some books that I probably won’t be reviewing.  I received a box of books that was intended for By The Book — the TV show.  Who knew?  I don’t know who was first, but I named my blog after my book club that will celebrate its 9th anniversary in September.  One of the books in the box is the following:

God’s Generals:  The Healing Evangelists by Roberts Liardon

In his fourth God’s Generals Volume, Roberts Liardon chronicles God’s great healing evangelists of the twentieth century. Journey with such paragons of faith as Oral Roberts, Lester Sumrall, Charles and Frances Hunter, George Jeffreys, and F.F. Bosworth. As you read about the lives of these ministry pioneers, your faith for signs and miracles will grow as you anticipate seeing God’s mighty hand move in the church today.

Roberts Liardon, author, public speaker, spiritual leader, church Historian and humanitarian was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the first male child born at Oral Roberts University. For this distinction he was named in honour of the University Founder. Thus, from the start of his life Roberts was destined to be one of the most well known Christian Authors and Orators of the 20th century. To date he has sold over 7,000,000 books worldwide which have been translated in more then 50 languages and is known internationally, having ministered in over 112 countries.

I have not read God’s General’s:  The Healing Evangelists.  Check out the book and author and you decide if you want to read it.

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