Book Review: The MS Project – Orange Is The New Pink

24 Mar

The MS Project – Orange Is The New Pink is a collection of stories written by people afflicted by MS or who have loved ones afflicted. This book is meant to be informational regarding the disease as experienced by real people and to showcase the amazing strength people find when facing adversity.

The MS Project has a companion iPhone app also being released March 14th, 2011 and a website which you can see now at The MS Project.

Laina Turner-Molaski is a business woman, mom, author, Professor, and a major supporter of shopping.

With many letters after her name and a ton of student loan debt, she is always working to pay the bills. While she enjoys her day job, her passion is writing, and she uses a lot of company time writing her fiction or working on her social website for women, She is hoping to sell her book before she gets fired from her day job for goofing off.

Laina is currently living in Indiana, with her family, and is always writing something, whether it’s blogs, articles, business journals and books or ideas for her next novel. She is continuously doing what she loves which is writing or drinking coffee.

You can visit her website at

My Impressions:

I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  I have been living with this bizarre, sometimes scary, disease for almost 10 years. The first two years were the hardest — vision loss, numbness, facial pain, tingling sensations and worst of all, debilitating fatigue.  I was one of the lucky ones, though, because I was diagnosed within 2 months of noticeable symptoms.  And though I had MS, I was determined that MS wouldn’t have me.  I have been almost symptom free for 8 years thanks to a great doctor, a very expensive medicine and most importantly the prayers of my husband, family and friends.

MS was a wakeup call of sorts for me.  I have always been very self-reliant.  If I wanted something done, I was the one to have to do it.  But MS doesn’t play that game.  I had to let others help — my children learned to cook, clean and do laundry much younger than I would have wanted.  I had to let my husband do things around the house the way he wanted to do them.  And I had to let God really take over.  So I have accepted that MS is a gift to me — one I would never have opened given the choice, but one that has helped me grow.

The MS Project – Orange Is The New Pink is a compilation of stories from those with MS and those with loved ones with MS.  MS is treated with the seriousness it demands, yet all those telling their stories have chosen to keep MS in its place — a life-changing disease, but not necessarily a life-ending one.   Choice seems to be the overriding theme in the book and I think that is its strength.  The stories are as varied as symptoms of MS.  Not everyone is still walking; many are fighting as hard as they can.  But as in all of life’s challenges, it is our choice how we meet them. And in the words of one contributor — there is life after MS.

Turner-Molaski’s mother’s story is the first in the book.  She has a very personal stake in The MS Project, and I appreciate her goal of raising awareness about Multiple Sclerosis.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be given to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

I recommend this book to anyone with a loved one with MS, those facing a diagnosis or if you just want to learn more about the disease and what it takes to live with it.

(I received The MS Project from the author and Pump Up Your Book in return for an honest review.  The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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