All Things Austen: A Contemporary Christian Twist

20 Mar

Debra White Smith, a christian romance author, has written a contemporary series adaptation of Jane Austen’s Novels.

If you’re a Jane Austen fan, you’ll love the engaging characters, contemporary situations, issues of faith, and the intricacies of love in Debra White Smith’s updated retelling of Austen’s endearing stories.

First Impressions —  When Eddi Boswick is cast as Elizabeth, the female lead in a local production of Pride and Prejudice, she hesitates. Dave, the handsome young rancher cast as Darcy, seems arrogant and unpredictable. Accepting the challenge of playing opposite him, Eddi soon realizes that he is difficult to work with on and off the set.

But when a tornado springs our of nowhere, Dave protects Eddi…much to her chagrin. And he is shocked to discover an attraction for the feisty lawyer he can’t deny. Sparks fly wehn Eddi misinterprets his interest and discovers the truth he’s trying to hide.

Will Eddi’s passionate faith, fierce independence, and quick wit keep Dave from discovering the secret to love…and the key to her heart?

Reason and Romance — Sense and sensibility collide when love comes calling for sisters Elaina and Anna Woods….

Ruled by reason, Elaina remains calm in every situation–even when she meets Ted Farris. Although attracted by his charming personality, she refuses to be swept away by love. Accused of never listening to her heart, Elaina finally gives in to her feelings. As her relationship with Ted develops into something magical, they seem destined to be together–except for one tiny detail. Will Lorna Starr keep them apart?

Anna longs for the day she’ll meet her prince. When she’s rescued by the handsome Willis Kenney, has her dream turned into reality? Inseparable from the start, neither of them worries about the past. Anna, refusing to listen to her sister’s cautious voice of reason, let’s her romantic heart run wild. Caught in an emotional whirlwind, she and Willis revel in the hope of two passionate hearts. Will their impulsive love endure despite the mistakes of yesterday?

Romance and reason merge in this captivating story about the joys and follies of infatuation and how faith in God reveals true love.

Central Park —  Wrenched from her family, young Francine is terrified by her new life with her Aunt Mariette and Uncle Tom Barrimore in New York City….
But their foster son, Ethan, comes to Francine’s rescue. As the years pass, the bond between the two deepens…and they spend many hours enjoying the serenity of Central Park. When Ethan goes to Paris for a missions trip, Francine realizes affection has transformed into love. She dreams of the day Ethan will arrive home and share her love.

But when Ethan returns, he brings two newcomers–the beautiful and wealthy Carrie Casper, who has obviously captured his heart, and her flirtatious brother, Hugh, who flashes his inviting smile at Francine and her two cousins. As the Caspers cast their spell over the Barrimores, Francine alone senses the danger behind their facade of respectability.

As the days go by, Francine is forced to face the truth: Ethan’s heart belongs to the lovely Carrie. When the playful Hugh turns his charms toward Francine, she wonders if he’s finally left his playboy days behind. Pressured by her uncle to accept Hugh’s advances, Francine is torn between remaining true to a love that will never be or settling for a marriage of convenience.

Northpointe Chalet — Texas native Kathy Moore loves her new home in Northpointe, Colorado. The 22-year-old’s bookstore is thriving. And her social life is picking up. New friends Liza and her brother, Ron, an unrepentant heartbreaker, are constant visitors. It’s her personal life that needs a dramatic twist—like the ones in the thrillers she devours….

Then one dark and stormy night, a kind stranger takes refuge in Kathy’s store. When she learns he’s Ben Tilman, one of the residents of the mysterious chalet overlooking Northpointe, Kathy is smitten. But Ben’s reserved behavior suggests she’s too young and flamboyant to be relationship material for him, an established pastor. Suddenly, like in one of her suspense novels, an old man corners Kathy with warnings about the murderous Tilman patriarch–warnings she must investigate. Will Kathy’s growing suspicions and topsy-urvy investigation put an end to her deepening relationship with the man of Northpointe Chalet?

Amanda — Amanda Priebe is smart, funny, and generous—a great friend to have until the matchmaking bug bites. Deciding that her secretary, Haley, needs a beau, Amanda dreams up the perfect match—Pastor Mason Eldridge. Never mind that Haley is seeing Roger, a respectable dairy farmer. And it doesn’t really matter that Mason might be attracted to someone else….

When it comes to her own heart, Amanda can’t seem to make up her mind what she wants to do. The handsome and debonair Franklyn West is available so is the ever-present Nate Knighton.

In this tangled web of best-laid plans, who will end up with whom? Will Haley find true love? Will Amanda realize what her heart’s known all along?

A lively tale of plans gone awry, affection in unexpected places, and the ultimate power of faith and love.

Possibilities — “A yardman?” Landon’s thin eyebrows arched. “You want to marry a yardman?” Her blue eyes couldn’t have been wider…or more disdainful….
Practical, down-to-earth Allie is the daughter of Willis Elton, a wealthy, respected gentleman farmer. Although allowed to attend college and obtain a masster’s degree in horticulture, she is expected to marry well and take her place in society. But Allie has a problem. She’s in love with the handsome Frederick Wently–the yardman.

Yielding to family pressure, she withdraws from the relationship. But as the years pass, her heart refuses to surrender. When Frederick turns up on the arm of a close family friend, Allie struggles with jealousy and heartbreak. What can she do to get him back? And should she even try?

From Focus on Fiction:

Debra White Smith is the author of numerous fiction and non-fiction books, including Romancing Your Husband101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage, and the popular Seven Sisters fiction series. In addition to her writing, Debra is also the founder of Real Life Ministries, and a popular speaker at conferences and events across the nation.  Debra holds a B.A. and M.A. in English and is pursuing a second Master’s Degree through Trinity Seminary.  She currently makes her home in East Texas, with her husband of 21 years, two children, and a herd of cats.

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    I know this author personally, and I recommend ALL of her books! I’m glad to see you featuring them on your blog.


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