Series Spotlight: Smart-Talking Sleuths

15 Feb

I love a mystery!  And I love when the sleuth is a smart, smart-talking woman!  But I also want a book that doesn’t have profanity.  So where do I go when I want a detective ala Stephanie Plum without the F bombs?  —  Ruby Taylor from Sharon Dunn’s Ruby Taylor mystery series.  And just like Ms. Plum, Ruby goes through her share of cars!


The series begins with Romance Rustlers And Thunderbird Thieves — No one makes a fool of Ruby Taylor…or her friends. A tough cookie with an attitude, but also a soft heart, Ruby finds herself in a perilous search for a young man who disapppeared just days before he was to be married. Her sometimes harrowing yet often hilarious quest to right the wrongs of love pit her against helicopters, wild buffalo, and some desperate people who have every reason to want Ruby to fail.


Book 2 is Cow Crimes And The Mustang Menace — Investigating a series of bizarre ranch thefts, dealing with the expectations of a Betty Crocker mom, and entering a recipe in the Potato Festival cook-off, have Ruby Taylor in over her flaming red head. When an outsider turns up dead, it’ll take more than a steaming mocha expresso, and her unpredictable yet intriguing Wesley, to save Ruby from the danger.


The final chapter in the series is Sassy Cinderella And The Valiant Vigilante — When a professor at a local university dies, Ruby Taylor is hired to fill his shoes. Along with a frozen corpse and midnight intruders, this sassy Cinderella has to deal with lost love and a family that defines the word dysfunctional. Deadly university politics turn personal as Ruby works to straighten out a mystery that has more twists than a silly straw.



I loved this series and I bet you will too.


Sharon Dunn is the author of the Ruby Taylor mystery novels including Sassy Cinderella, which was voted Book of the Year by American Christian Fiction Writers. She earned a BA in television production and a master’s in history from Montana State University, where she currently tutors and instructs. Sharon lives with her husband of nineteen years, three children, three cats, and lots of dust bunnies.

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