Book Review: Finding The Light of Jesus

30 Nov

Face it; life is full of stress. Whether we must deal with daily mild irritations like spilled milk or traffic jams, or extreme problems like the death of a family member, divorce or job loss, each of these events as well as those that fall in between these opposite ends of the scale cause anxiety, worry, or even ill physical health.

Finding the Light of Jesus provides reflections and revelations which allow us to step back from our problems, reflect on what is most important in the present moment, and rely on spiritual healing – the Light – to experience inner peace and calm in the midst of trouble.

About the author:

For more than twenty-five years, Cindy Tuttle has worked with adults suffering from severe mental illness. She has twice been named Advocate of the Year in Mental Health for Sacramento County, California.  Cindy will soon appear in an HBO cable television documentary on mental health.  You can find out more information at her website —


My Impressions:

In Finding The Light of Jesus, Cindy Tuttle attempts to provide the reader with a manual to overcome the stress of this world and achieve the light of Jesus.  Tuttle asks a lot of questions, but doesn’t give a lot of answers.  The first half of the book is divided into chapters that have the reader examining his/her life and the relationships, attitudes, values, etc. that shape them.  The second half of the book provides devotional helps to find the light.

From the first chapter, I had a problem with the book, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then it dawned on me that the language was New-Agey. Also Tuttle doesn’t have scripture references to back up her assumptions and advice.   Then I came across a statement in the chapter entitled Who Are Our Brothers And Sisters? that sent up a red flag.  Tuttle explains that all religions have something to teach us about truth and where there is love, there is always the light of Jesus.  I don’t believe that religions that deny the existence or deity of Jesus Christ are in any way truth.  Her use of the term light of Jesus also seems a little off.  Never once is the Holy Spirit or His role in believers’ lives mentioned.

I really can’t recommend Finding The Light of Jesus.  If you want to learn about the peace that passes understanding and the daily presence of Jesus, you would do better to read Brother Lawrences’ The Practice of The Presence of God.

(I receive this book from Hamby Media in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

3 Responses to “Book Review: Finding The Light of Jesus”

  1. Cindy Tuttle November 30, 2010 at 11:40 pm #

    Thank you for taking the time to review and read my book. Even thought we disagree on some issues I would hope we agree on the love Jesus has for us. With that in mind I wish you peace and a faith filled Advent and Christmas.I am actually very traditional. I believe in prayer, living our faith in love, and love my faith sharing group and church.Thank you again. Even it was a bad review- it keeps me humble and reminds me not to look for validation and praise from others. I thank you for that. Peace be with you.

    With Love,
    Cindy Tuttle


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